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The Standing Stones of Stenness, in Scotland’s Orkney Islands 蘇格蘭奧克尼群島的斯丹尼斯巨石陣

FOUND ON ONE of the Orkney Islands, a cluster of 70 rocky outcrops off Scotland’s northern coast, the Standing Stones of Stenness on Mainland are one of the oldest stone circles in the British Isles. The stones were left by Stone Age settlers, used for ceremonies more than 5,000 years ago; then by Vikings to worship Norse gods 4,000 years later. Two hundred years ago this month, the Orkneys achieved a different kind of fame in the novel Frankenstein. Author Mary Shelley sent her man-made creature to this lonely land in search of a wife. 斯丹尼斯巨石陣位於蘇格蘭北部岸海 對開、由70個嶙峋小島組成的奧克尼群島中的梅恩蘭島上,是不列顛群島其中一個最古老的巨石陣。這是石器時代居民的遺跡,於5,000多年前是用來進行儀式地的方。4,000年後維, 京人在這個地方崇拜斯堪的納維亞的神祇。200年前的3月,奧克尼群島再次揚名;作家瑪麗雪萊在她的小說《科學怪人》內,將那個人由 所造的生物送到這個孤寂的群島上,他個讓 找 妻子。

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