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The arcade in York Beach, Maine, is a photographer’s dream – all primary colours and retro games (including a 1950s robot fortune teller). It’s called Fun-o-Rama. Isn’t that great? Its red sign against white clapboard wall against blue sky is magic. My 70-something mum has been going this same beach town since she was a child.

Kari Howard, enterprise editor, Reuters

It’s Monterey, California, where I spent two summers (aged 11 and 12) at camp. Days were spent walking on the rocks by the sea to find sea anemones. In the evenings we played capture the flag. Each weekend we went on long hikes in the Sierra Nevada mountains and camped with no tents, just sleeping bags, instant oatmeal and hot chocolate. The leaning Monterey cypresses, the big swing in temperature from day to night, the otters in the ocean – it was a wonderfully different world for a girl from Hong Kong.

Vanessa Ko, deputy editor, Silkroad

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