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Fidgety? Can’t concentrate? You need to get engrossed in something. Try these.坐立不安?無法集中精神?那麼你需要一些能令你全神貫注的東西。不妨試試以下的建議。 The bear with the hat and the marmalade sandwiches faces a villainous Hugh Grant in Paddington 2 (Movies – Western Cinema) (1). The creators of Goodbye Mr Loser serve up another comedy blockbuster in Never Say Die (Movies – Chinese Cinema) (2). Yui Aragaki and Eita team up in sports comedy Mixed Doubles (Movies – Asian Cinema) (3). The Thick of It and Veep creator Armando Iannucci brings together a cast of great comedic actors for satire The Death of Stalin (Movies – Western Cinema) (4).

頭戴帽子手拿果醬三文治的小熊在《柏靈頓2》(電影─西方影院)( 1)中遇上壞蛋Hugh Grant。《夏洛特煩惱的》 原班人馬再次攜手演出賣座喜劇《羞羞鐵的 拳》(電影─華語電影)( 2)。日本的新垣結衣和瑛太在運動喜劇片《乒乓情人夢》(電影─亞洲畫映 )(3)中組隊參賽。劇集《The Thick of It》及《Veep》編的 劇Armando Iannucci與多位一流喜劇演員攜手炮製諷刺劇《The Death of Stalin》(電影─西方影院)(4 )。

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