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It’s a physiological fact – we get weepy at 35,000 feet. Why fight it?

這是個生理現象:我們於 呎高空很容易就眼淚盈眶,不必強忍。

Jacob Tremblay stars as an outcast attending school for the first time in heartwarming coming-of-age drama Wonder (Movies – Western Cinema) (1). A teenager experiences an unforgettable first love in Call Me by Your Name (Movies – Western Cinema) (2). Actor- director Sylvia Chang explores love and family values in the drama Love Education (Movies – Chinese Cinema) (3). Follow seven adults with Down Syndrome in the third season of Emmy award-winning reality show Born This Way (TV – Documentary) (4).

在感人至深的成長故事《奇蹟男孩》(電影─西方影院)( 1)中Jacob Tremblay飾演面部嚴重殘缺、首次踏足學校的男孩。一名少年在《以你的名字喚呼 我》(電影─西方影院)( 2)中經歷難忘的初戀。張艾嘉在《相愛相親》(電影─華語影電 )(3 )中自導,愛自演 探討 情與家庭的價值觀。獲艾美獎的真人騷《Born This Way》(電視─紀錄短片)(4 )踏入第三季,目節 中七位唐氏綜合症成年患者有最新的。動態

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