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new black at Dîner en Blanc, a travelling dinner party that’s making its way to Singapore this month. Started 30 years ago as an intimate word- of-mouth event in Paris, the outdoor dining extravaganza now welcomes nearly 120,000 diners around the world each year. The catch? You’ll need to be invited by a past participant or sign up for the waiting list. On the day, white- clothed picnickers bring a folding table, tablecloth, champagne and food to a secret meeting place.

12 May, 以白色為主題的巡迴宴會派對Dîner en Blanc本月來到新加坡這。 個有30年歷史的活動源於巴黎,以口耳相傳的方式來傳遞派對舉行的詳情。現在這個盛大的戶外宴會每年在全世界迎來接近12萬人參與。想參加這個盛會,你必須得到一位以往的參加者邀請,或者報名排隊輪候。宴會舉行當天,全身白衣打扮的參加者帶著摺、檯 檯布、香檳和食物,齊集於個一 秘密地點,然後一起歡宴。

5月, 12日

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