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PANZANO鎮Known for blasting AC/DC while at work, famous butcher Dario Cecchini is also behind several top eateries in Panzano. Ristorante Solociccia sits opposite the old butcher’s shop, while Officina Della Bistecca lures carnivores upstairs. Here, Dario cooks three cuts of beef over charcoal embers. Simple chianti is served with fantastic olive oil and delicious pinzimonio (raw vegetables) that are dipped into olive oil and eaten with a sprinkling of seasalt. An evening here is great fun, as well as delicious.

著名的肉店老闆Dario Cecchini工作時總愛大聲播放搖滾樂隊AC/DC的勁歌,他也是鎮內數間高級餐館的東主。Ristorante Solociccia餐廳就在這間歷史悠久的肉店對面。肉店樓上還有另一家由他經營、名為Officina Della Bistecca的,餐廳 吸引不少肉食愛好者到來。Dario選用三種不同部位的牛肉,以木燒炭 出火候恰到好處的菜式。點一杯易容 入口的chianti葡萄酒,配搭蘸上橄欖油、撒上海鹽的pinzimonio時令沙,律 度過一個滋味無窮的美妙夜晚。

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