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Calvin is a cultural entrepreneur, art collector and the cofounder of 3812 Gallery in Hong Kong and London. He gives us his experience as a Hongkonger living in Madrid on page 50. What is your favourite Asian travel experience? ‘I love Taipei’s nostalgic feel, charming little cafes, warm hospitality and local cuisine. It’s also got a fantastic art scene.’許劍龍是文化企業家、藝術收藏家及香港與倫敦3812畫廊的共同創辦人。他與讀者分享香港人在馬德里的體驗,刊於50頁。你最喜歡的亞洲旅遊體驗是什麼?「我喜歡台北的懷舊感覺、迷人的小咖啡館、親切的人情味與當地的美食,還有很多精采吸引的藝術活動。」


London-born Ed has lived in Asia for most of his life. On page 46, he returns home for a traditional Holly- and-the-Ivy English Christmas. What is your favourite Asian travel experience? ‘Bali, late evening. Knackered, ravenous, I asked two bystanders the way to Sanur. Each pointed in the opposite direction…’



Originally from Melbourne, Angela now runs Ahoy Illustration in Hong Kong. She illustrated our traditional English Christmas story on page 46. What is your favourite Asian travel experience? ‘Fuji Rock music festival, in the beautiful mountains of Naeba, north of Tokyo – it’s my happy place.’ Angela來自墨爾本,現於香港開設工作室Ahoy Illustration。她為刊於46頁的英式聖誕專題故事繪畫插圖。你最喜歡的亞洲旅遊體驗是什麼?「參加苗場舉行的富士搖滾音樂祭,那裡位於東京以北,有高山美景,是令我開心愉快的地方。」


Pirata-founder Manuel began his career in his native Madrid, before travelling to London, New York, Ibiza and finally Hong Kong. He compares the cultures and cuisines of his hometown and Hong Kong on page 50. What is your favourite Asian travel experience? ‘Bangkok – it’s got East meets West charm, with wonderful local and high-calibre international restaurants.’ Manuel是餐飲集團Pirata的創辦人,在家鄉馬德里展開事業。其後他遊歷倫敦、紐約及伊維薩島,最後來到香港。他於50頁細說家鄉與香港在文化與飲食上的共通之處。你最喜歡的亞洲旅遊體驗是什麼?「曼谷集東、西方優點於一身,既有出色的本地菜館,也有高級的外國餐廳。」


An incurable chocoholic, British journalist Emily couldn’t have found a better home from home than Zurich. She tours its cosy cafes on page 26. What is your favourite Asian travel experience? ‘I’ve not yet been to Asia, but I’d love to explore the tea-covered hills and ayurvedic retreats of Kerala, India.’


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