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Eastern Eu­ro­pean women share sto­ries of find­ing their soul mates in China

Global Times – Metro Beijing - - FRONT PAGE - By Liu Meng

Iva, from Slo­vakia, vis­ited Bei­jing for a short time last month. It was her first time vis­it­ing China, a place where she has abun­dant pos­si­ble job op­por­tu­ni­ties. How­ever, her in­ter­est is not find­ing the per­fect job; it is find­ing

her Chi­nese soul mate.

Iva called Met­ro­pol­i­tan and asked if we had con­tacts for cred­i­ble blind date agen­cies, say­ing that she plans to use these agen­cies to help her find her per­fect match.

Iva speaks highly of Chi­nese men. “First, I feel good en­ergy from Chi­nese men in gen­eral. I feel they are more open and kind­hearted com­pared to the ma­jor­ity of Western men. I think that most Western men’s per­son­al­i­ties are a bit too harsh for my style,” she said. “I also like the Asian look be­cause it shines with sim­plic­ity, in­tel­li­gence and hon­esty, which I find at­trac­tive.”

Ac­cord­ing to her, none of the Asian men she has met are dis­hon­est or base their in­ter­est in her by how pretty she is or what her sta­tus is in so­ci­ety. The re­porter from Met­ro­pol­i­tan rec­om­mended that Iva try pop­u­lar Chi­nese dat­ing agen­cies Ji­ and How­ever, Iva said that she will have dif­fi­culty with the agen­cies since she does not speak Chi­nese. “I think I will start with at least post­ing my pro­file on the net with these agen­cies. It will not be easy, but I be­lieve any­thing is pos­si­ble,” she said. When it comes to Eastern Eu­ro­pean women, the me­dia and pub­lic usu­ally con­nect them with high yanzhi (at­trac­tive­ness). On China’s Quora-like plat­form Zhihu, there is even a post ask­ing why Eastern Eu­ro­pean coun­tries have so many beau­ties. A web user com­mented be­low the ques­tion that Eastern Eu­ro­pean women’s com­pet­i­tive edge lies in their genes – they are gen­er­ally taller with a rel­a­tively smaller frame, they have fair skin, blonde hair and big eyes, all of which fit the stan­dards of a per­fect ap­pear­ance for a Westerner in the eyes of Asians. In re­cent years, it is not un­usual to see news re­ports in do­mes­tic me­dia about Eastern Eu­ro­pean women mar­ry­ing Chi­nese men. Met­ro­pol­i­tan in­ter­viewed three other women from Eastern Eu­ro­pean coun­tries who shared their in­sights about Chi­nese men as well as their Chi­nese love sto­ries.

Meet the panel

Anna: Rus­sian, 26, works in Shang­hai, mar­ried a Chi­nese man

a year ago Jenny: Be­laru­sian, 25, works in Bei­jing, has a Chi­nese boyfriend Irina: Moldovan, 30, lived in Italy for 10 years and now works in Bei­jing, is mar­ried to a Chi­nese man

Are Eastern Eu­ro­pean women the most beautiful?

Anna: Of course I am very pleased to hear that Eastern Eu­ro­pean girls are pretty be­cause I be­long to Rus­sia, right? But in my opin­ion, Ukrainian women are the most beautiful.

Jenny: Beauty needs to come from in­side. I know that Chi­nese pre­fer big eyes, large noses and white skin. How­ever, in my coun­try, girls like to go to the beach and shaitaiyang (to get tan).

Irina: There are a lot of beautiful girls in our coun­try. I would say the coun­tries [with the largest num­ber of beau­ties] are Moldova, Rus­sia and Ukraine. Chi­nese girls are beautiful, too.

Chi­nese love sto­ries

Anna: I have been mar­ried to my Chi­nese hus­band for one year. How we met was very in­ter­est­ing. He was look­ing for a Rus­sian be­cause he wanted to go there to travel. He found me on (the largest Eu­ro­pean so­cial net­work plat­form with more than 100 mil­lion ac­tive users). He saw my name. My name is Anna, so it ap­peared first on the list in front of him. It was also be­cause of lo­ca­tion be­cause at that time we were both in Shang­hai. He knows how to be­have with for­eign women, while most Chi­nese guys are very shy.

Jenny: I went to China in 2013 to study Chi­nese at a univer­sity. At that time, I re­ally wanted to make friends with Chi­nese. So, I added many friends to my WeChat and QQ, and even­tu­ally, I found my Chi­nese boyfriend.

Irina: We met in the din­ing hall of the Bei­jing Lan­guage and Cul­ture Univer­sity. Af­ter my part-time job, I would go to the din­ing hall for din­ner. One day, a Chi­nese man ap­proached me and asked me if he could sit with me, and I said yes. He saw I was read­ing a book, and he thought I could teach him English.

What are some of the strengths and weak­nesses of Chi­nese men?

Anna: In Chi­nese, it would be caoxin (to

worry about).

If I get a bad grade on an exam, have trou­ble at work or can’t de­cide on a bag, he al­ways wants to con­trol the sit­u­a­tion and tell me how I could do it bet­ter, even if I don’t ask. Chi­nese men are very loyal to their fam­ily. When you marry a Chi­nese man, you also marry his fam­ily. Ev­ery time there is a hol­i­day, we go visit his fam­ily to­gether.

Jenny: Chi­nese men re­ally pay at­ten­tion to how to take care of you. They buy you a lot of things. But in my coun­try, at the be­gin­ning of the re­la­tion­ship, maybe you [a man] don’t have to pay for ev­ery­thing. We [Be­laru­sian women] are more in­de­pen­dent in this case.

Irina: He has a lot of pa­tience, es­pe­cially with me. I am the fire, and he is the wa­ter. When I am very stressed or an­gry, he knows how to hong nüren (make a woman happy). Pa­tience also means love. If I was mar­ried, for ex­am­ple, to a Rus­sian man, he would not ac­cept me. Maybe he will just say, “Bye, bye.”

My hus­band is not very ro­man­tic. This is maybe his que­dian (weak­ness). Some­times, I re­ally want him to be more ro­man­tic with me.

I ex­press too much, but he doesn’t show his feel­ings; maybe he is think­ing it, but he just doesn’t tell me.

Photo: Cour­tesy of Anna

A wed­ding photo of Anna and her Chi­nese hus­band

Photo: Cour­tesy of Irina Photo: Cour­tesy of Anna Jenny and her Chi­nese boyfriend of Jenny

Clock­wise from left: A wed­ding photo of Irina and her Chi­nese hus­band A wed­ding photo of Anna and her Chi­nese hus­band Photo: Cour­tesy

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