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“The money I re­ceived for the re­moval of my mom’s house is mine, and I can spend how I like. It has noth­ing to do with you, a man who lives off his wife.”

So said a wo­man sur­named Zhou to her hus­band. Zhou mar­ried Duan nine days after the two met, and the new­ly­weds soon re­ceived com­pen­sa­tion from her mother’s house re­moval. How­ever, as time went by, their love started to fade, and Duan found that his wife in­dulged in her mo­bile phone con­stantly and paid lit­tle at­ten­tion to their child. One day, When Duan checked Zhou’s cell­phone, he found that she had sent sev­eral cash “re­wards” amount­ing to 400,000 yuan ($62,000) to a male web host. Out of anger, Duan hit Zhou in the face, and Zhou in­sulted Duan. Feel­ing hu­mil­i­ated and sad, Duan filed for a di­vorce. At court, they both ad­mit­ted their wrong­do­ings and mended their re­la­tion­ship after me­di­at­ing with the judge. (Source: Bei­jing Morn­ing Post)

Il­lus­tra­tions: Peter C. Espina/GT

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