Im­moral West­ern­ers, not Chi­nese girls, are ‘easy’

Global Times – Metro Shanghai - - PULSE - By Furkan Erdogan

Global Times Metro Shang­hai re­porter Wang Han re­cently wrote an ar­ti­cle ti­tled “Why West­ern­ers think Chi­nese girls are easy,” where she crit­i­cizes Shen­zhen-based ex­pat Win­ston Ser­pentza Sterzel for his video mock­ing lo­cal fe­males for be­ing so quick to jump into bed with for­eign­ers in or­der to leach their money and visas.

“As a sin­gle, post-90s gen­er­a­tion Chi­nese fe­male, I laugh at Sterzel’s su­per­cil­ious as­sump­tion that we are all just a bunch of peas­ants who ar­rive in ur­ban cities like Shang­hai en masse to seek out wealthy-hus­bands,” writes Wang. “Sterzel re­ally flat­ters him­self by be­liev­ing that we are all so des­per­ate for money or over­seas green cards to es­cape China that we’d hop in bed with the first Cau­casian who crosses our paths.”

Although I my­self, a Turk­ish stu­dent in Shang­hai, have had no in­ti­mate ex­pe­ri­ence with Chi­nese women dur­ing my seven years here, and there­fore can not at­test if they are as “easy” as Sterzel claims, I agree with Wang’s premise that many West­ern­ers in China try to sex­u­ally ex­ploit na­tive girls. It be­comes quickly ob­vi­ous to them the mo­ment they ar­rive that some Chi­nese women will lav­ish them with at­ten­tion, so why wouldn’t they take ad­van­tage of that?

This is in fact quite nor­mal for white men in most Far East na­tions. From Thai­land to South Korea, male for­eign­ers of­ten en­joy the fawn­ing of na­tive fe­males. It also be­comes very ob­vi­ous that this has lit­tle to do with their hand­some­ness (or lack thereof) or even their per­ceived wealth, but sim­ply their ex­oti­cism and oth­er­ness. This is a kind of re­verse-Ori­en­tal­ism, where Asian na­tives are nat­u­rally cu­ri­ous about West­ern­ers.

But the prob­lem with Sterzel’s video is his blan­ket bor­der­line-racist judg­ment against the women of an en­tire race and na­tion As he him­self is plain as a pikestaff, and ar­ro­gant to boot, I doubt that he has had so many sex­ual ex­pe­ri­ences in China to war­rant mak­ing such cat­e­gor­i­cal ac­cu­sa­tions against “all” Chi­nese women. And if he had, wouldn’t that make him the “easy” one? The irony of his South African-style neo­colo­nial­ism is not lost on me.

Sterzel, who has be­come In­ter­net fa­mous in China in re­cent years for his au­da­cious videos, re­minds me of another scum­bag pickup artist, Daryush “Roosh” Val­izadeh. Ar­me­nian-Amer­i­can Roosh, an un­abashed anti-fem­i­nist, is no­to­ri­ous for traveling to Asian na­tions specif­i­cally to hu­mil­i­ate un­sus­pect­ing lo­cal women. He films his en­coun­ters for ex­pa­tri­ate men to watch at his “how to se­duce na­tive fe­males” sem­i­nars. Gaug­ing how suc­cess­ful Roosh has be­come, clearly there is a large global sex­pat mar­ket.

For­tu­nately, in Fe­bru­ary the Chi­nese gov­ern­ment was smart enough to deny Roosh’s visa ap­pli­ca­tion to China, where he in­tended to hold his misog­y­nist troll group Re­turn of Kings’ “make rape le­gal” meet­ings in sev­eral cities. But it baf­fles me how ex­pats like Sterzel can con­tinue to stay in China de­spite his de­bauched at­ti­tude of Chi­nese girls. In fact, Sterzel has cap­i­tal­ized on his lo­cal no­to­ri­ety with an up­com­ing CCTV-pro­duced tele­vi­sion se­ries, demon­strat­ing that even Chi­nese State TV is will­ing to give this kind of dis­re­spect­ful per­son a plat­form. My school­mate, Onat Kibaroglu, yes­ter­day wrote a TwoCents ti­tled “Chi­nese stu­dents abroad are self-iso­la­tion­ists,” where he crit­i­cizes Wang for re­fus­ing to date for­eign­ers dur­ing her stud­ies abroad. “This kind of blind re­fusal to even con­sider dat­ing abroad is ex­actly why Chi­nese stu­dents are get­ting a bad rap,” writes Onat. “In­stead of en­cour­ag­ing her coun­try­men to blend in, she is pro­mot­ing iso­la­tion­ism.”

Onat makes a valid point that “closed-minded” Chi­nese stu­dents like Wang are miss­ing out on in­ter­est­ing friends and ex­pe­ri­ences by flatly re­fus­ing to date West­ern­ers. In­deed, pil­lowtalk is an age-old method of learn­ing for­eign lan­guages and cus­toms while abroad. On the other hand, if it’s done dis­re­spect­fully or with no longterm in­ten­tions, which would con­tinue to widen the cul­tural mis­un­der­stand­ings be­tween East and West, then cer­tainly Chi­nese girls are right to be wary of West­ern­ers.

The opin­ions ex­pressed in this ar­ti­cle are the au­thor’s own and do not nec­es­sar­ily re­flect the views of the Global Times.

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