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Walk­ing On The Fade Out Lines Walk­ing On The Fade Out Lines, this ex­hi­bi­tion tack­les the an­gles that peo­ple “see” things and en­cour­ages us to ex­plore the un­known. It in­vites au­di­ences to re­visit his­tory and in­spires them to re-dis­cover how artists have been ask­ing, an­a­lyz­ing and tack­ling trans-re­gion dif­fi­cul­ties brought by the times since the end of 20th cen­tury in a global con­text. Via a po­etic elab­o­ra­tion, it at­tempts to trans­form the cog­ni­tive struc­ture and of­fer new per­spec­tives which are more open and di­verse. “‘Walk­ing On The Fade Out Lines’ whis­pers, lis­tens, con­nects with the Other, and yet there is no need to see for­eign­ers as the Other or to travel such dis­tances to meet with and speak on be­half of an ex­otic Other. Rad­i­cal ‘al­ter­ity’ has first to be found and cul­ti­vated in our in­ner-self and so­cial in­ter­ac­tion with all kinds of beauty, ug­li­ness, tyranny and har­mony. There is al­ways a for­eign land from where we stand,” Larys Fro­gier, di­rec­tor of Rock­bund Art Mu­seum (RAM) and one of the cu­ra­tors said. This ex­hi­bi­tion is a col­lab­o­ra­tion and ex­change be­tween Shang­hai-based RAM and Fon­dazione San­dretto Re Re­bau­dengo, one of the most renowned con­tem­po­rary art in­sti­tu­tions in Italy. It will present 29 works by more than 23 artists from all over the world, cov­er­ing var­i­ous art forms in­clud­ing paint­ings, in­ter­ac­tive in­stal­la­tions, pho­tog­ra­phy and video. All the works are from a col­lec­tion by San­dretto Re Re­bau­dengo. Ad­di­tion­ally, works by Song Tao and Zhang Ruyi, two Shang­hai-based artists, con­sol­i­date and en­rich the links be­tween the ex­hi­bi­tion and the lo­cal con­text. A se­ries of public ed­u­ca­tion events will be held dur­ing the ex­hi­bi­tion. Date: Un­til May 27, 2018 Tues­day to Sun­day 10 am to 6 pm Venue: Rock­bund Art Mu­seum ഏ ݡ ບฌૌඓܽ Ad­dress: 20 Huqiu Road, Huangpu Dis­trict, Shang­hai

ഏ ݡ൮ߢ௼౼޾౴੥20ރ Ad­mis­sion: 50 yuan Call 3310-9985 for more de­tails L’étranger mélan­colie The Western art was so amaz­ing and fas­ci­nat­ing in the first half of the 20th cen­tury. At the time, the flour­ish of “La Belle Epoque” (The Twi­light of the 19th Cen­tury) re­mained. Mean­while, a new world was born from the ashes of war, in which modern art move­ments burst out and var­i­ous avant-garde arts emerged. These at­tracted artists from all over the world. Chi­nese artists flowed to the West after 1911, open­ing up a pe­riod with the most fre­quent ex­changes be­tween Chi­nese and Western cul­ture. This ex­hi­bi­tion se­lects the most “po­etic” works of the great artists who flowed to the West dur­ing this pe­riod. They had a back­ground in Chi­nese clas­si­cal cul­ture and ded­i­cated them­selves to Western clas­si­cal art, im­pres­sion­ism and fau­vism after go­ing West. In the process of learn­ing Western art and cul­ture, these strangers re­flected and made the once-in­vis­i­ble col­li­sion be­tween Eastern and Western cul­tures vis­i­ble. All of a sud­den, a new world opened up. The in­tel­lec­tu­als of this time pur­sued an un­der­stand­ing of the world through study, while they never for­got to re­turn to their own roots in art. In spite of the Western style of their form, their works are filled with Ori­en­tal melan­choly, not re­ly­ing on in­scrip­tions and po­ems. This part was based on the in­tro­duc­tion posted on the web­site of Long Mu­seum. Date: Un­til July 8, 2018; 10 am to 5:30 pm, Tues­day to Sun­day; closed on Mon­days Venue: Long Mu­seum (Pudong) ੊ૌඓܽƓ௼ױ Ɣ Ad­dress: No.210, Lane 2255, Lu­oshan Road, Shang­hai

ഏ ݡ൮௼ױྔ౼ઌ೽੥2255୲210ރ Ad­mis­sion: 50 yuan Call 6877-8787 for more de­tails Donna Huanca’s first solo ex­hi­bi­tion Work­ing with live per­for­mance, paint­ing, sculp­ture and tex­tiles, Donna Huanca, a Ber­lin-based, Bo­li­vian Amer­i­can artist will ex­tend her vis­ual lan­guage through a new se­ries of works in­clud­ing paint­ings, sculp­ture, video and per­for­mance, build­ing a ter­rain which echoes it­self. Ma­te­ri­als such as turmeric, sand, and clay, which de­rive from the earth, also used in heal­ing, play an im­por­tant role in her prac­tice. Skin paint­ings, frag­ments of paint, or skin-like ma­te­ri­als on the sculp­tures main­tain a self-sus­tain­ing cy­cle. As the artist pointed out, “It’s a con­tin­u­ous whirl like a snake eat­ing its own tail.” Be­gin­ning as a mu­si­cian be­fore cre­at­ing paint­ings, Huanca is not only in­ter­ested in the materiality, but also sound. The ex­hi­bi­tion will be com­pletely silent, and to her, “Si­lence is also a sound. Si­lence is not ac­tual si­lence.” The artist chose the re­cur­ring word “echo” where she used when think­ing or speak­ing about the works, in­di­cat­ing “cer­tain ap­proaches or el­e­ments are dis­trib­uted from the same core then re­ver­ber­ate a re­sem­blance or sim­i­lar­ity to one an­other, ver­bal­iz­ing the dy­nam­ics of the works.” This ad was based on the in­tro­duc­tion posted on the web­site of the Yuz Mu­seum. Date: Un­til June 3, 2018; 10 am to 9 pm; closed on Mon­days Venue: Yuz Mu­seum ჌္֪ૌඓܽ Ad­dress: 35 Fenggu Road, Xuhui Dis­trict ഏ ݡ൮྾߿౼੊ิս֨څ ܨ੥35ރ Ad­mis­sion: Free Call 6426-1901 for more in­for­ma­tion Yang Fudong – a mu­seum film pro­ject 2018 This is the open­ing chap­ter of Yang Fudong’s mu­seum film pro­ject. In ac­cor­dance with the unique ar­chi­tec­ture of the Long Mu­seum, Yang cre­ated two novel and spec­tac­u­lar scenes, “The Morn­ing Cer­e­mony of the Song Dy­nasty” on the first floor and “The Tower of Life” in the stair gallery, which con­sti­tute the cen­tral film­ing lo­ca­tions of the “Mu­seum Film Pro­ject.” Yang ini­tially con­ceived this idea of mak­ing an art film in an art mu­seum in 2009. After nearly a decade of plan­ning, his idea is fi­nally re­al­ized in the Long Mu­seum (West Bund), and this pro­ject will be pre­sented in other art in­sti­tu­tions ex­plor­ing dif­fer­ent themes in the fu­ture. Yang in­te­grates the strict and or­derly process of shoot­ing with the spon­ta­neous visit of the au­di­ence, al­low­ing view­ers to wan­der into the flow of time and feel the mul­ti­di­men­sional video world con­structed by Yang. This ad was based on the in­tro­duc­tion posted on the web­site of the mu­seum. Date: Un­til June 3, 2018; 10 am to 6 pm, Tues­day to Sun­day; closed on Mon­days Venue: Long Mu­seum (West Bund) ੊ૌඓܽ།ψܽ Ad­dress: 3398, Longteng Av­enue

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