Let’s eat go at meat!

Lo­cal towns cook up ‘hot’ food dur­ing hot sum­mer days

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Ac­cord­ing to the prin­ci­ples of tra­di­tional Chi­nese medicine, goat meat, like beef and lamb, is con­sid­ered a “hot” food and thus to be avoided or taken in smaller quan­ti­ties on hot swel­ter­ing days of sum­mer.

But for hun­dreds of years, the peo­ple of Zhuang­hang town in Fengx­ian dis­trict have been eat­ing goat meat dur­ing the sum­mer. They eat lo­cally pro­duced goat meat as they sip home­made shao­jiu (a Chi­nese rice spirit) or huangjiu (yel­low rice wine).

This hearty mix of al­co­hol and goat meat pro­motes sweat­ing, which some tra­di­tional medicine prac­ti­tion­ers be­lieve helps the body ex­pel tox­ins and pre­vent ill­nesses in the forth­com­ing win­ter. Goat meat is also be­lieved to be an ex­cel­lent way of build­ing up “en­ergy” in the body that will last through the win­ter sea­son.

Li Yingchun, boss of a lo­cal goat meat restau­rant in Zhuang­hang, claims that his restau­rant receives 8,000 to 10,000 cus­tomers on av­er­age ev­ery week­day. The num­ber can reach as high as 12,000 on week­ends, ac­cord­ing to a Lao­dao Daily re­port in 2017.

Zhangze town in Songjiang dis­trict, Qibao town of Min­hang dis­trict, Zhenru town in Pu­tuo dis­trict and Zhoupu town in Pudong New Area are also fa­mous for their sum­mer goat meat-eat­ing cus­toms.

A cus­tomer eats noo­dles with goat meat at a restau­rant in Zhenru town, Pu­tuo dis­trict.

Pho­tos: Yang Hui/GT

Clock­wise from be­low: Cus­tomers queue up at 6 am to buy goat meat break­fast. Ev­ery part of goat can be made into a dish. A boy poses with goat models at a pro­mo­tional event this sum­mer. Cus­tomers dine at a goat meat restau­rant in Tinglin town of Jin­shan dis­trict. Cus­tomers en­joy goat meat break­fast.

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