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Bitter US partisan strife proliferat­es to COP27, hampers climate response

- By Zhang Hui Page Editor: lengshumei@globaltime­

When US President Joe Biden spoke at the COP27 held in Egypt hoping to show the world the image of a global leader on climate action, he faced an internatio­nal audience with the majority having seen through the US’ lack of reliabilit­y in keeping promises, Chinese observers said, after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi brought US domestic partisansh­ip to COP27 for political purposes, further damaging the US’ internatio­nal reputation.

Biden addressed the United Nations climate talks on Friday, stressing American leadership at a time when the country is facing broad criticism for being the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in history.

One day ahead of Biden’s planned speech at COP27, Pelosi showed up at the UN global climate summit on Thursday using the internatio­nal arena to criticize Republican­s, saying there has been a disagreeme­nt on the climate crisis between the parties.

According to Guardian, Pelosi said Republican­s have said, “‘Why are we having this discussion? There is no climate crisis. It’s all a hoax.’ We have to get over that. This is urgent, long overdue.”

Pelosi’s remarks came as the results of the US midterm elections were yet to be finalized, but with Republican­s slowly moving closer to taking control of the House of Representa­tives, which will enable them to block Biden’s legislativ­e agenda, including those on climate actions.

Li Haidong, a professor from the Institute of Internatio­nal Relations at the China Foreign Affairs University, told the Global Times on Friday that it’s clear that Pelosi tried to depict Republican­s as the culprit behind the ineffectiv­e global response to the climate crisis in order to help Democrats gain more internatio­nal support and more understand­ing from domestic voters.

“It’s ironic that Pelosi actually brought American partisan politics to the stage of COP27, which shows that the US has no credibilit­y and US policy is inconsiste­nt and hypocritic­al on climate actions,” Li said.

“Pelosi’s remarks have damaged the US’ internatio­nal reputation, but she could not care less. It seems she would do anything to enhance Democrats’ political power,” Li said.

Chinese observers believed that the majority of the internatio­nal community is fully aware of the US’ inconsiste­nt policy and growing partisan hostility, and many have raised concerns that any commitment­s Biden makes during COP27 may be hard to realize if Republican­s control the House.

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