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‘Angling’ – art drama


Angling is a solo exhibition of Chinese artist Shen Yuan in Beijing.

The exhibition displays six art installati­ons created by Shen, five of which were created from 2019 to 2022. Showing scenes of mundane life, the works appear soft and shapeless – a deliberate artistic choice by Shen to communicat­e with visitors her memories and her experience as a woman artist inspired by both Eastern and Western culture. These works attempt to get audiences thinking about topics such as identity, separation and immigratio­n against the backdrop of today’s increasing­ly fluid global culture.

The highlight of the Beijing exhibition is called Pêcher l’air de Paris 2020.

The work was inspired by Dadaism pioneer Marcel Duchamp’s tricks of visual-linguistic puns and word-games, notably in his well-known works Air de Paris (1919) and Fresh Widow (1920).

Shen’s work is a message to her lifelong partner Huang Yongping, quoting his work The Saint Learns from a Spider to Weave a Cobweb, created in 1994.

Mattéo et moi 2019-2021 is another of Shen’s works, an art expression showing how she reacted to losing Huang in 2019. She collaborat­ed with differentl­y abled teenage artist Mattéo in this work to look into the happiness and pains that life brought her through Mattéo’s unique artistic expression­s.

Where: Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing

When: Until February 26, 2023

Price: 120 yuan ($16.60)

 ?? Photo: Courtesy of Red Brick Art Museum ?? Pêcher l’air de Paris 2020 by Shen Yuan
Photo: Courtesy of Red Brick Art Museum Pêcher l’air de Paris 2020 by Shen Yuan

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