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Chat at­tack

three-time loser (re­fer­ring to some­one who has lost when it comes to love, ca­reer and smarts)


(s`n b&zh`n)

A: I’ve dis­cov­ered that even though I’ve lived this long, the more I live the far­ther back­wards I go.


(w6 f`xi3n, w6 j@j~ng hu5 le zh-me ji^, k0sh# z0nme g2nju9 yu- hu5 yu- hu!q& le.)

B: What do you mean?


(n@ zh-sh# sh9nme y#si?)

A: I’m al­ready this old, but I still haven’t got­ten a girl­friend, my boss still hasn’t pro­moted me or given me a raise at work and yes­ter­day when I was com­pet­ing at math with my nephew I ac­tu­ally lost.


(w6 zh-me y! d3b2 ni1nji, h1ish# zh2o

b%d3o n) p9ngy6u, g4ngzu7 sh3ng l2ob2n y#zh! b& g0iw6 sh8ngzh! ji`x~n, zu5ti`n g8nw6 zh!zi b@s3i sh&xu9, j#ngr1n sh$g0i t` le.)

B: Wow! You’re one of those leg­endary “three-time losers!”

哇! 你就是传说中的三不沾啊!

(wa! n@ ji&sh# chu1n­shu4 zh4ng de s`n b&zh`n a!)

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