Bernard C. Kümmerli, Scott D. Anthony, and Markus Messerer | page 088

Harvard Business Review (China) - - 锢婉淌龅 -

Disruptive change poses existential challenges to leadership teams, raising foundational questions about aspirations, identity, and the very soul of a company. So it is no surprise that leadership teams often struggle to achieve alignment on what degree of growth is needed and what markets and types of innovations to invest in.

This article provides a novel and practical road map for achieving leadership alignment. It offers tools to help executive teams establish a foundation of common understanding, expose misalignment, and catalyze decision making through physical exercises.

The approach is illustrated through the example of Swisscom, a global telecom facing stagnation and decline in a mature industry. Using the program, it converged on a clear long-term growth strategy, launching a set of innovative ventures, creating a Vc-like group to oversee new innovation investments, and locking in a schedule of annually increasing funding.

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