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In this issue we would like to introduce you to the main city in Central Switzerland – Lucerne, situated on the shores of the eponymous lake. Without a doubt, the Lake Lucerne Region is the most popular destination among Chinese tourists. Whether you walk through the streets of the historic part of the city with its unique atmosphere, take a boat trip, or take the cogwheel train to the top of Pilatus, it will make an immense impression on you. A unique combination of scenery, luxury, and experience make this city particularly attractive.

Every year, St. Gallen transforms into the city of 700 stars. For four weeks, the starlight illuminates the old town of St. Gallen, creating a magical atmosphere. Do not miss a rich program of advent activities and an annual Christmas market.

Switzerland’s high living standards make it an attractive destination to invest in real estate. Do you feel like buying a house or an apartment? You will find a lot of useful information about the main trends for luxury properties in Switzerland in our “Real Estate” section.

Are you keen on adventure? In the “Travel Tips” section, we suggest you take a trip to Portugal and stay at the hotel situated to the westernmost point of mainland Europe. If you like exhilarating, invigorating surroundings where the wind whips and the waves crash onto the cliffs beneath you, then it is an ideal place for you to relax.

Traditionally, exclusive brands present their new fashion collections, and luxury hotels offer exclusive services to ensure you enjoy your stay. You will also find many interesting things about education, health, and exclusive products such as Swiss chocolate. It is also an excellent gift for your friends and family from Switzerland.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy reading this issue! •

Yuliya Striby, Editor-in-Chief



每年,瑞士东部文化名城— —圣加仑市都会变成700 颗繁星笼罩的城市。整整四个星期,星光映照着圣加仑老城区,营造出一种神奇的氛围。请不要错过丰富多彩的圣诞市场和喜庆活动。



一如既往,独家钟表品牌展示他们最新时尚系列。豪华酒店的一流服务以确保您享受旅途愉快。这里,您还可以看到有关瑞士教育,健康和瑞士巧克力等独家产品的有趣信息,也是来自瑞士赠送亲朋好友的绝佳礼物。我衷心希望您会喜欢阅读这本杂志! •


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