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The award-winning GROHE SPA® F-digital Deluxe Collection has been upgraded to give further control with the inclusion of Bluetooth technology. The GRO HE SPA® F-digital Deluxe modules are all about creating a customised spa setting – from colour therapy lighting, soothing and relaxing steam to playing your favourite tunes. This latest functional upgrade means that a wide variety of IOS devices, including ipod touch, iphone, ipad as well as Android-based mobile devices running the GRO HE SPA® app can now be used to control light, sound and steam modules. The new Bluetooth unit is easy to retrofit: once it is hooked up to the existing docking station, it gives you complete freedom in controlling shower functions.

得獎系列GROHE SPA F-digital Deluxe Collection升級混入藍芽科技,將操作優®勢提升至更高層次。GROHE SPA F-digital Deluxe組件專為打造度身訂造的水療而設——由彩色®光學治療、舒適蒸汽以至播放你喜愛的曲目,全都包括在內。近期的實用功能提升意味著各式IOS裝置如ipod touch、iphone、ipad以及Android手機也能操作GROHE SPA 應用程度,控制光線、聲音和蒸汽模式。最新的藍芽元件使用簡單®輕鬆:放在現有連接埠,即可自由操作沐浴功能。

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