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German brand KALDEWEI is a European market leader that produces beautifully crafted baths, shower trays and enamelled floor shower panels that are recognised for their impeccable quality and innovative design. The Kaldewei Centro Duo Oval freestanding bathtub designed by Sottsass Associati is made in a lovely oval shape that features an added depth of 47cm, identical backrests and centrally placed drainage that makes it the ideal tub for bathing for two. The slip-resistant bath is wrapped in a moulded panel that gives it a designer look, and the tub itself has an easy-to-clean finish. Models can be fitted with a lighting set, pool handle and waterfall bath inlet and a whirlpool version is also available.

德國品牌KALDEWEI佔領歐洲市場的領導角色,生產出各種雕刻美麗的浴缸、浴盤和搪瓷淋浴地板,全部均揉合無可比擬的質素和創新設計。Kaldewei Centro Duo Oval獨立式浴缸由Sottsass Associati設計,呈悅目的橢圓形,並配搭特增47厘米深度、雙同的背靠和置中的去水位,適合二人共浴。防滑浴缸覆有鑄模板身,成就出設計師之作的動人外觀,浴缸本身已加上易潔潤飾。型號可加設照明組合、扶手和瀑布浸浴出水位,並可選漩渦功能。

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