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DE RUCCI BESPOKE is the first bedding specialty store in Hong Kong that uses accurate science to find the perfect bed for your unique body. De Rucci firmly believes that only science allows for the healthiest bespoke bed. It is crucial to ensure that a bed keeps your spine straight when sleeping on your side and on your back. As such, measuring is done at the De Rucci showroom using a state-of-the-art spine scanner from Switzerland and a bed system from Belgium. A thorough analysis determines the ideal firmness for every part of your body, resulting in a bed that fits like a tailor-made suit, and offers optimal support and comfort. De Rucci carries four European specialist brands: Kreamat from Belgium, DOC from Switzerland, Pillowise from Netherlands and Difebodiluna from Italy. They also import the latest technological products to develop a new sleeping experience.

DE RUCCI BESPOKE是香港首間利用精準科學為客人挑選最合適體型的床具專門店,為你打造最健康的睡眠方案。每個人的體型都不盡相同,睡床也不能一式一樣。De Rucci深信只有透過科學認証,你才可以真正找到適合自己的健康睡床。購買睡床時最重要考慮它是否能令你的脊骨在平躺時保持自然彎曲、側睡時保持平直。De Rucci利用瑞士製造的脊椎測試儀為客人量度脊椎弧度,並透過來自比利時的睡眠系統為你作體型分析,範圍覆蓋身高、體重,以至身體各部位的比例,打造猶如訂造西服般稱身的睡床,讓你每晚安然入睡。此外, De Rucci還代理歐洲四大專業品牌:比利時的Kreamat、瑞士的DOC、荷蘭的Pillowise和意大利的Salvadori;往後將會繼續引入最新科技產品,開拓新世代的睡眠領域。

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