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KUPERUSBEDEN is handmade in Holland and produces luxurious beds based on the Scandinavian Sleeping System. It sets itself apart from other sleeping systems because it masterfully combines visual beauty, superior comfort and unparalleled ergonomics developed over the last 100 years. Kuperus Bedden beds are made by expert craftsmen using only the best natural and durable materials. As such, the company was granted a Royal Warrant, and all their products come with a 25-year warranty. Kuperus Bedden beds are handmade to your specific needs and requirements, which ensure a good night’s sleep for decades to come.

在荷蘭手製的KUPERUS BEDDEN生產出各式以北歐睡眠系統為本的豪華睡床。過去100多年來,它均完美揉合視覺美態、極尚舒適和無可比擬的人體工學製作,與其他睡眠系統截然不同。Kuperus Bedden睡床以耐用持久的天然物料由專業工匠精製而成,公司更榮獲Royal Warrant認證,所有產品均附25年保證。Kuperus Bedden睡床根據你的特別需要以人手製作而成,為你打造數十年的優質睡眠體驗。

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