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New Zealand brand OKOOKO is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of the Your Bodyfit™ Sleep System of beds, bedroom furniture and accessories. Over the last 20 years, it has developed a personalised sleep system based on customised sleep technologies and design solutions. It has also developed a unique online tool called the Bodyfit™ Prescription, which helps you find the perfect Bodyfit™ Sleep System based on individual body characteristics and sleep preferences combined with Okooko’s research data. Okooko has flexible slat beds and mattresses that can be configured to support the body characteristics of two different people using one bed. In addition, all Okooko beds are crafted from natural materials.

新西蘭品牌OKOOKO是Your Bodyfit™ Sleep System睡床、寢室傢具和配件的設計師、製造商和銷售商。過去20多年來,公司根據特製睡眠科技和設計方案,致力研發個人化睡眠系統。品牌亦已經研發獨特的網上工具Bodyfit™ Prescription,能根據個人體型特點和睡眠喜好,並結合Okooko研究數據,助你尋找最完美的Bodyfit™ Sleep System。Okooko帶來靈活排骨床和床褥,讓兩個人同睡在一床時也能帶來個別的理想承托。除此之外,所有Okooko睡床均以天然物料精製而成。

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