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When TRECA INTERIORS PARIS was founded in 1935, it set out to revolutionise the bedroom by focusing on superior, French-made quality as well as innovation based on decades of expertise. It offers exquisite beds, mattresses, toppers, headboards and bed bases created by exceptional designers and made by expert craftsmen. Every piece embodies the meaning of "haute couture" bedding, and its entire selection also includes adjustable versions. The Supercad was the first articulated bed base to include a tracking system and memory buttons that pre-record your favourite positions. This bed base also comes with a home automation function that controls external appliances from a remote unit, torch and clock functions, heating pad, and synchronisation of two sleeping platforms in duo format beds. Find this and more at Treca Interiors Paris.

當TRECA INTERIORS PARIS於1935年創立時,致力要以數十年專業知識為本,重點關注優越質素、法國製品質和出色前衛元素,為睡房帶來革命性改變。品牌帶來精緻睡床、床褥、面墊、床頭板和睡床基底,全由出色設計師操刀打造,並由巧手工匠精製而成。所有產品均帶來可調校款式,每件也帶有高級訂製睡床的意義。Supercad是第一款鉸接式睡床基底,配備偵測系統和記憶按鈕,能預先紀錄你最喜愛的睡姿。這款睡床基底的家用自動功能,讓你透過遙控元件操作外置裝置,如照明和時鐘、暖墊,並讓兩組睡眠平台在雙規格睡床上得以同步。歡迎到臨Treca Interiors Paris參觀選購並欣賞更多精彩產品。

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