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British luxury bed maker VISPRING Luxur y Beds was founded in 1901. It was the first to produce an interior spring mattress that used a system of individually pocketed springs, which revolutionised the way beds were made. Today, Vispring Luxury Beds remains just as committed to producing the most luxurious beds that are tailor-made to give you the perfect support. From selecting the springs, choosing the soft, premium fillings – there’s real Shetland Isle wool, silk and cashmere – to constructing the bespoke bed, one is ensured of a true customised experience. Vispring Luxury Beds can be seen in royal palaces, stately homes, luxury yachts and hotels. Renowned supporters include the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, David Beckham, and many other important dignitaries.

創立於1901年的豪華英國睡床製造商VISPRING LUXURY BEDS,是首個生產室內獨立袋裝彈簧床褥的專家,為睡床製作帶來革命性的改變。今天, Vispring Luxury Beds依然堅持生產出最豪華優越的特製睡床,為你帶來完美承托。由挑選彈簧、柔軟上乘的填料——正宗昔得蘭羊毛、絲絹和羊絨— —以至製作特製睡床等各個步驟,也確保為你帶來度身訂造的貼心體驗。Vispring Luxury Beds睡床榮獲皇室貴族、豪宅、豪華遊艇和酒店選用。多位背景顯赫的尊貴用家包括劍橋公爵夫婦、碧咸和多位其他顯要人物。

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