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FABRICS MITH offers an extensive range of fabrics and wallpaper from Europe, which includes well-known brands Cassaro, Dizz, Foresti, Wall & Deco, Clarke & Clarke, Kravet, Sunbrella, Thevenon, Pasaya, Simta, Swaffer, Primula Rossa, Edinburgh Weavers, Dussk and Equipo Drt. To further serve the needs of customers, Fabricsmith also showcases sophisticated sofas and exquisite curtains made with stunning fabrics, and each of these products are tailor-made to meet individual needs. Fabricsmith offers motorised curtains and blind systems for homes, offices, hotels and restaurants, and provides professional advice on the flame resistance requirements needed to comply with Hong Kong fire codes. Fabrics can be Fr-treated, and are supported by BS7176 and BS5867 fire safety certifications.

FABRICSMITH提供多款來自歐洲的優美布藝,包括著名品牌Cassaro、Dizz、Foresti、Wall & Deco、Clarke & Clarke、Kravet、Sunbrella、Thevenon、Pasaya、Simta、Swaffer、Primula Rossa、Edinburgh Weavers、Dussk和Equipo Drt。為了提供更全面的顧客服務, Fabricsmith把漂亮的布藝伸延至設計精緻的沙發和窗簾之中,每件產品都可因應客人要求而訂造。另外,公司也為家居、辦公室、酒店和餐廳供應多款電動窗簾和捲簾系統,並就防火措施提供專業意見,全遵循香港防火規定。其布藝可作FR處理,並獲BS7176和BS5867防火認證。

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