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A leader in retailing fabrics imported from the US and Europe, ESS ENCE FURNISHINGS understands that sourcing and selecting the right fabrics and patterns to suit your home decor can be a mind-boggling challenge. When selecting bedding, upholstered sofas and chairs, lampshades and tables linen, it is important that these blend with the feel of your home. Essence Furnishing offers more than 50,000 kinds of fabrics and patterns. With the help of its experienced showroom executives, making decisions and choices – or simply getting new ideas – is made all the more easier. Nothing compares with a perfectly decorated home, and at Essence Furnishings, you’ll find all that you need and much more.

布藝零售界領導ESSENCE FURNISHINGS從美國及歐洲入口優質布藝,明白要搜尋和選擇能配合家居裝潢的布藝和圖案絕非易事,而在選購寢具、布藝沙發及椅子、燈罩和桌布時,也必須能跟居所的格調相合襯。為此,公司帶來超過50,000款不同種類的布藝和圖案任君選擇,其專業的陳列室員工更會協助顧客挑選合適布藝,甚至提供新穎的意念,讓你能輕鬆覓得理想之選。在Essence Furnishings內定可找到各種所需配飾,讓你能隨心意粉飾家居。

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