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Duorest® is a leading specialist in designing twin-back chairs. The brand’s chairs feature a contoured and separate, dual backrest designed specifically to reduce back fatigue and improve spinal health. The chairs also come with adjustable armrests and seat height, making them suitable for all body types. Duorest ’s ® stylish, ergonomic chairs are made in Korea, using worldwide-patented technology to ensure they are the most comfortable office chairs in the market. There will always be those who try to imitate the brand’s ergonomic chairs, but those who have tried the original will always choose Duorest – a clear testament to its superior quality.

DUOREST 絕對是設計浮動雙背式座椅的專家,品牌獨特的浮動雙背能有效減®輕因背部疲勞引起的酸痛,再配合可調較的扶手和椅座高度,切合不同體型的用家。設計時尚的Duorest 人體工學座椅在韓國製造,並透過環球專利技術精心打®造出市面上最舒適的辦公室座椅。仿製品也許來去不止,但真正使用過原創產品的人士都必定一試傾心,總會選用Duorest 出眾優越的產品。®

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