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ITAL DESIGNS has been offering Italian-made contemporary furniture at reasonable prices since 1984. The company still holds true to its artisanal traditions, focusing on refined manufacturing. Top brand names represented include Contempo, Porada, Tagliabue and Sovet. Focusing on contemporary design and attention to detail, the Porada collection (known as “The Wood”) features refined, simple lines. Luigi Allievi founded Porada in 1968, creating designs that are composed of an exciting and uncompromising geometry. Each product is developed with great consideration of how and what it will be used for. Ital Designs also stocks a vast range of household items, including quality leather and fabric sofas, and wardrobes with easily adaptable, modular interior accessories.

自1984年起,意庭傢具便為香港提供意大利製的當代傢具,價錢合理。代理的高級品牌包括Contempo、Porada、Tagliabue及Sovet。Porada系列(又名The Wood)著重當代設計和細節,線條流麗細緻。由Luigi Allievi於1968年成立,設計以精彩和出眾的幾何學為基礎,每件產品均以用途為本,美觀與實用並存。意庭傢具亦備有各種家品,如優質的皮革及布藝沙發,以及配有組合式內櫳組件的衣櫃,能迎合不同人士的需要。

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