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The hallmark of Scandinavian design, Stressl ess ® is a superior recliner that is meticulously designed and manufactured in Norway. The recliner strikes a balance between style and comfort, providing unparalleled comfort when you want to sit back and relax. While watching a movie, people move approximately 300 times. Stressless® recliners respond to your every movement, no matter how slight, by providing anatomically correct lumbar support in all positions – even while you nap. You can customise them to suit your personal preferences with a variety of styles, wood colours and luxurious leather, and choose between small, medium or large sizes for the perfect fit.

Stressless 優質躺椅結合北歐設計特色,在挪威精心打造而成。產品在風格®和舒適間拿取完美平衡,在你安躺放鬆時帶來無可比擬的休息享受。我們在欣賞一套電影時,身體大約會活動300次。Stressless 躺椅會根據你身體®的細微活動,全方位帶來最舒適體貼的腰部承托,小睡時也同樣提供理想支撐。你可因應自己的個人風格、木材色彩和皮革,以及大、中、小尺寸選擇,度身訂造出最完美的優質躺椅。

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