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Creative Co-op Home is a leading American home goods company that designs and distributes beautiful objects all over the world. Inspired by life experiences, art, culture and historical backgrounds, the American design team at Creative Co-op Home creates unique pieces of furniture for a wide variety of customers so they can put together their dream home in style. Creative Co-op Home is recognised for its innovative designs and exceptional customer service, and has received numerous accolades from customers, the furniture industry, and the media.

美國家品領導公司Creati ve Co-op Home設計和環球經銷各式美麗之作。靈感源自生活經驗、藝術、文化和歷史背景, Creative Co-op Home的美國設計團隊為不同類型的客人打造獨特傢具,讓他們能建出夢想中的時尚家居。Creative Co-op Home以創新設計和出色的客戶服務質素聞名遠近,並榮獲多項顧客、傢具界和傳媒界的獎項和認同。

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