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For more than 60 years, Spanish brand Lladró has captivated porcelain lovers with its incomparable handmade craftsmanship and contemporary techniques. Today, Lladró artists still work with 'white gold' at the same unhurried pace, though employing all the technical advances available. With an alchemist's passion and skill, they have unlocked the secrets of porcelain and put them to work to execute creative ideas into tangible, collectible pieces. The highly complex and completely unique process entails everything from chemistry to modeling and sculpting, relief work, drawing, ornamentation and painting – all of which speaks of Lladró's commitment to utmost quality and craftsmanship. The brand also produces "Art of Living" collections, a stunning ceramic collection comprising an array of distinctive tableware, exquisite lighting in the form of chandeliers, hanging, wall and table lamps to illuminate interiors, as well as beautifully crafted porcelain-framed mirrors.

過去60多年來,西班牙品牌雅緻無可比擬的舊世界藝術技巧和現代科技,一直備受環球陶瓷愛好者的愛戴。至今,雅緻的藝術家依然選用White Gold瓷、以一絲不苟的態度進行創作,而同時揉合先進科技。再加上鍊金術士的熱誠和技藝,破解製作瓷器的祕訣,將之一一應用在可收藏的實際作品之中,活現創意構思。極度複雜而獨特的過程包括各個範疇,由化學、模型、雕塑、壓印、繪圖、裝飾、油畫等步驟,全都體現出雅緻對極尚質素和工藝的堅持。品牌同時生產Art of Living系列,帶來悅目的陶瓷作品,包括獨特餐具、精緻燈飾如吊燈、掛燈、壁燈和桌燈,照亮你的室內裝潢,另外也包括雕刻美麗的陶瓷框鏡。

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