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THAKRAL ELECTRO NICS was founded in 1990 and offers a huge range of highend, cutting-edge consumer electronics that are ideal for everyday use. It carries products that include those from the innovative US brand Quirky, which brings to life creative ideas thought up by talented young designers, such as intelligent USB Hubs and the clever adjustable power strip, Pivot Power. Skullcandy produces a range of trendy looking headphones, from over-ear to ear buds that come in assorted colours and are designed for superb sound. Shine is a stylish activity and sleep tracker made by Misfit that tracks movement, activity levels and sleep patterns via Windows Phone (8.1), IOS and Android apps.

成立於1990年的THAKRAL ELECTRONICS供應一系列高級前衛的電器產品,是日常生活的理想之選。公司產品包括美國創新品牌Quirky,帶來年輕設計才俊的生活創意之作,如巧妙的USB Hubs和調節簡單的拖板Pivot Power。Skullcandy則生產出一系列時尚耳機,耳罩以及入耳款式均備多種色彩選擇,音質出眾。出自Misfit的Shine個人活動監測器能透過Windows Phone (8.1)、和IOS Android應用程式追蹤你的日常活動、運動程度和睡眠狀態。

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