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The intelligent PANASONIC ECONAVI Front Loading Washing Machine (model: NA-140VG4) automatically detects the load amount and water temperature, then selects the best washing time and water consumption to save energy. Its inverter drive motor achieves efficient energy consumption and quiet operation. It has a Sazanami drum fitted with dimple-shaped water spouts that is ideal for thoroughly removing dirt while being gentle on clothes. The Hydroactive + Shower uses five multi-directional showers that allow detergent to penetrate clothes quickly and thoroughly. The washing machine carries a Hong Kong Grade 1 Energy Efficiency Label, Grade 1 Water Efficiency Label and was also graded A+++ by EU Energy Efficiency standards.

PANASONIC的ECONAV I智慧節能前置式洗衣機NA-140VG4能自動偵察洗衣量及水溫,選擇最合適的洗衣時間及水量,更有效地省電節能,變頻式驅動摩打操作,更慳電,更寧靜。其Sazanami波浪型滾桶於桶內表層設有小酒窩形狀的小孔,徹底洗滌污物同時不損衣服,達至理想洗衣效果。產品還設有5個花灑式噴嘴,能徹底將水及洗衣粉滲透到衣服中,高效率清洗衣物。這款全功能洗衣機榮獲香港1級能源標籤、香港1級用水效益標籤和歐盟最高節能標準 A+++。

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