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MANTON SECURITY LIMITED is one of Hong Kong’s biggest providers of high security products. It specialises in high-quality locks and safes, and is the exclusive distributor of premium security brands Kaba Mas/la Gard and Brown Safe. Kaba Mas/la Gard offers locks with the highest level of security. It is distinguished in the level of protection it provides – Kaba Mas/la Gard products are used in vaults of major banks, government and military facilities worldwide. For over 30 years, Brown Safe has been the top manufacturer of luxury safes and vaults offering the utmost in performance, protection and customisation. Customers can select from custom-made materials such as exotic metal or wood, a variety of interior styles and sizes, as well as special additions like advanced winding technology used in luxury mechanical watches. Moreover, Brown Safe is characterised for their high level of customer service – they provide an extensive range of tailor-made security storage solutions, all of which come with a 50-year warranty that addresses machine-related errors.

萬通安全有限公司是香港其中一間最具影響力的保安設備供應商,專營高度保安的豪華保險櫃,並獨家代理豪華保安品牌如Kaba Mas/la Gard和Brown Safe。Kaba Mas/la Gard帶來高度保安的保險櫃鎖,與Brown Safe夾萬均獲全球多間大型銀行、政府和軍方設施的保險庫採用,保安質素之高有目共睹。過去30多年來, Brown Safe一直穩站頂級夾萬製造商的位置,致力打造上乘出色的保安產品,並帶來特製服務,讓客人選擇特製物料包括獨特金屬或木材,以及各式不同的內部風格和大小,並可選配額外元素,如豪華機械腕錶應用的先進環迴科技。萬通引以為傲的還有其高質素客戶服務——大部分度身訂製的保安儲物方案均附有50年保證,解決及處理與機件有關的故障問題,絕對是信心之選。

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