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The Wiser Home Control from SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC provides flexibility, functionality and connectivity throughout the home. Using the stylish touchscreen, you can control the ambience by opening or closing curtains, adjusting lighting and playing music. You can also control exterior security zones, as well as turn on air-conditioning or heating. All this can be done from outside the home through any mobile device that has internet access. With the latest system, you can also monitor your power consumption on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, gauging costs and the amount of carbon dioxide gas being emitted. Schneider Electric also offers a host of light switch collections that can add character to your home. These include ULTI, Ultimate, NEO , Zencelo, Pieno, E30 C-classic and Vivace.

施耐德電氣的Wiser智慧家居控制系統為全屋帶來靈活、實用和連貫的操控。透過系統的觸控屏幕,便可輕鬆控制窗簾開關、音樂開關和燈光光暗,營造理想氣氛;你也可遙距操控保安系統、啟動冷氣或暖氣裝置——只需透過任何可連接互聯網的流動裝置,即使不在家中也能掌握一切。而最新的型號更可讓用家監控家居每日、每周或每月的用電量,還有相關的費用和二氧化碳排放量。施耐德電氣還推出了多款燈掣,包括U LT I、Ultimate、NEO、Zencelo、Pieno、E30 C-classic和Vivace,讓你的家居滿載獨特的個人品味。

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