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Sinks come in all shapes and sizes, yet the square remains one of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional designs. The ADON XL6, from the internationally recognised brand BLANCO, is based on the principle of symmetry based on equally sized squares. The symmetrical construction of the double-bowl sink features handsome edges with the faucet conveniently placed in the middle of two basins so that it can swivel from one sink to the other. It is made from durable SILGRANIT® Puradur® and comes with a practical, high-quality ash compound chopping board that can be moved lengthwise or crosswise across the bowl and the working area.

鋅盆各有不同形狀和大小,然而,方形款式依然是其中一款最能帶來美感和功能的選擇。來自國際知名品牌BLANCO的ADON XL6便以大小相等的方形對稱原則為本。雙槽鋅盆的對稱結構配上悅目邊身,龍頭置於兩者的中央空位、伸手可及,並可扭動方便在任何一邊使用。產品以耐用持久的SILGRANIT Puradur 精製® ®而成,並配備實用優質的橡木複合物砧板,可打長或斜對角放在鋅盆和工作範圍上。

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