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Prestigious brand DE DIETRICH was founded in Alsace, France in 1684 and was once endowed by King Louis XVI. In the 21st century, the brand continues to display its distinctive royal, French heritage with state-of-the-art functionality and design across a range of exquisite kitchen appliances that includes hobs, cooker hoods, ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators and washers. Continuing De Dietrich’s reputation as a market leader in premium kitchen appliances is the new Le Piano hob, which replaces specific cooking zones with an open space cooking zone – offering unimagined cooking possibilities. The Continuum Induction Hob and the Color Matrics Oven are also unique. The flagship Collection 38 combines functional perfection with aesthetic harmony, while the Designer Hood collection showcases futuristic technology.

法國皇室御用殿堂品牌De Dietrich於1684年在當地Alsace創立,由於品牌產品設計創新,質素優良,就連法王路易十六都特別頒予狩獵號角專用權以示嘉許,成為法國史上首個被皇室認可的品牌。品牌一直貫徹其風格,集美學、創新設計、頂尖科技於一身,創製出多款表現卓越的廚房電器,包括爐頭、抽油煙機、焗爐、洗碗碟機、雪櫃和洗衣機。De Dietrich的設計往往領先同儕。時至今日,品牌採用嶄新的全智能科技,嵌入式設計配上簡約輕觸式屏幕介面,猶如廚房內歷久不衰的藝術品。而品牌最近推出的無彊界電磁爐Le Piano,整個爐面都能用作煮食區,提供更多烹調模式和方法,同時更榮獲英國KBB創新設計獎的美譽,再次證明品牌能處於市場領導地位的實力,難怪世界各地的高檔樓盤均指定選用De Dietrich廚房電器,可見品牌備受推祟。

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