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CIMATECH® has explored the world in order to create superior products that marry functionality, quality and design. All Cimatech® cooker hoods are made in Italy – some are equipped with electronic controls, while others feature touch control panels both of which ensure precise settings. Cimatech’s built-in microwave is made with a stainless steel exterior and cavity. It has an electronic control display, five power levels, and features such as defrost, auto menu, child lock and timer. Cimatech’s two-burner, built-in gas hob has a 5.5W heat input and micro flame control ideal for Chinese-style cooking. It is made from black or white tempered glass and can be used with Town Gas or LP Gas.

CIMATECH 探索全球、打造各式各樣上乘優質產品,款款集功能、質素與設計®於一身。所有Cimatech 抽油煙機均在意大利製作——部分配備電子操作,其他則帶來®觸感操控屏幕,確保設定精準無誤。Cimatech的嵌入式微波爐外層和機內均以不 鋼製作,配合電子操作顯示、五段火力,並帶來解凍、自動餐單、兒童安全鎖和計時等功能。而Cimatech嵌入式雙頭氣體煮食爐則配備5.5W熱輸入量,微火控制適合烹調中式美食。產品以黑或白色強化玻璃精製而成,可配煤氣或液化石油氣使用。

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