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FISHER & PAYKEL has always been a pioneer in the appliance industry, and its Companion products bring a beautifully coordinated look to the kitchen with their sleek black glass and stainless steel handles. The 36-litre Conventional Compact Oven model OB60N8DTX1 has electronic touch controls and an easy-clean enamel cavity with a triple glazed oven door. Meanwhile, the 36-litre Electronic Combination Oven with Microwave, OM 36ND XB1, combines oven cooking with microwave power, providing numerous ways in which to cook. For healthy cooking, the 23-litre Electronic Steam Oven OS 60NDTX1 has a one-litre removable water tank and can steam items from eight food categories. For the perfect cuppa, the fully Automatic Coffee Maker EB60DS XB1 adjusts strength and temperature on a variety of cup sizes.

FISHER & PAYKEL一直是電器業界的先驅,其Companion產品光滑的黑色玻璃和不 鋼手柄,成功為廚房注入美麗和諧的格調。這款36公升型號為OB60N8DTX1的Conventional Compact Oven配備電子輕觸操作,搪瓷機身方便清潔,門身裝有3層玻璃。與此同時, 36公升型號為OM36NDXB1的Electronic Combination Oven with Microwave就結合焗爐煮食和微波爐效能於一身,提供多種不同烹飪手法。追求健康煮食的話,可選擇23公升型號為OS60NDTX1的Electronic Steam Oven,產品配備1公升活動式水箱,並提供8種食物類別的蒸煮選項。想沖調完美的咖啡熱飲的話,型號為EB60DSXB1的全自動Automatic Coffee Maker就能讓你因應杯子大小,隨意調較濃度和溫度。

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