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Formica (Asia) Limited offers an extensive range of highly durable surfaces that are ideal for the modern-day home. FORMICA® has collaborated with Biocote® to create a new high performance premium laminate called PRO TEC+. Utilising the antimicrobial properties of silver, Protec+ is highly effective against a wide range of microbes that include bacteria, mould and fungi, making it ideal for use in the kitchen where hygiene is important. Formica Protec+ reduces up to 99.5 per cent of microbes as well as crosscontamination, and prevents odours and stains. It comes in 12 wood grain finishes and 23 solid colours with a matte finish, and can also be used in other areas throughout the home.

富美家(亞洲)有限公司供應一系列優質耐用的面板,是現代家居的理想選擇。富美家 與Biocote®合作打造出表現卓越的優質耐火潔菌板,並利用銀元素抗®微生物的特性,能有效對抗如細菌、黴菌和真菌等,適用於廚房等衛生至上的空間。富美家潔菌板能減少高達99.5%微生物和減低交叉感染的機會,並防味防漬。產品帶來12種木紋修飾和23種暗啞實色修飾選擇,應用在家中其他地方亦可。

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