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Mia Cucina’s new curvaceous kitchen cabinets, Curva, combine functionality and practicality with rounded silhouettes that offer contemporary appeal. Crafted from smooth, glossy lacquer panels, Curva’s cabinets and functional islands are finished with curved worktops, which combine to create fluid forms that not only look beautiful in any kitchen, but are also a joy to interact with. Tall units use space to create maximum storage. Produced in white and beige, Curva also helps give the illusion of more space as well as a harmonious feel in the kitchen. All curve-lined panels are imported from Europe and take no more than four weeks from ordering to installation.

Mia Cucina的全新弧形櫥櫃Curva集功能與實用於一身,流線形的輪廓同時散發出現代魅力。Curva櫥櫃和島形工作檯以順滑高光的焗漆門板製作而成,並配搭Corian弧形工作檯,為廚房帶來悅目美麗的流動線條,讓烹飪也成賞心樂事。高櫃同樣採用弧形門板設計,令收納存取更輕易。顏色方面,以杏色和白色為主調,能突顯其清雅設計,並有效增強空間感。整件弧形門板原裝由歐洲進口,由訂貨至安裝不會花上多於四星期時間。

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