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Bringing professional-standard kitchens into the home, Unico has now developed a countertop mini-model of its successful Unico Cooking System. UNICO SQUARE1 is compact and powerful. This square, stainless steel cooking range combines a powerful Chinese wok range with a two-burner Western hob, offering versatility in a small package. Square1 is ideal for kitchens of all sizes and its stylish design fits seamlessly with a variety of kitchen decor.

UNICO將專業廚房水平帶進你的家居,現更研製出大受歡迎的Unico Cooking System的迷你版爐具SQUARE1。產品外形小巧但依然火力十足。這款方形的不鋼煮食爐結合強力的中式炒爐和2頭平頭爐,集多用途於一身。Square1絕對是不同大小廚房的理想之選,其時尚設計也定能與不同的廚房裝潢完美配合。

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