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Established in 1948, Sun Hing is an industry leader that provides solar and weather protection solutions. Sun Hing is a premium supplier that offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor products that include curtains, canvas awnings, blinds, marquee tents, tension skylight systems, solar films and more. Many of its products are imported exclusively from famous Italian or other European brands such as Para, Shadelab, Weinor, BAT, Mottura, and Giulio Barbieri. Its awning range comprises durable, elegant and functional Shan Awning; manual or motorised Cassette types that naturally integrate into a building; and Leaf Shading that help increase and enhance all kinds of outdoor areas, from patios and gardens to pools and terraces.

成立於1948年的新興是提供遮光防曬對策的業界先驅。新興提供一系列戶內戶外優質產品,包括窗簾、帆布帳篷、捲簾、遮篷、天幕和太陽膜等。大部分獨家進口自著名意大利或其他歐洲品牌,如Para、Shadelab 、Weinor、、BAT Mottura和Giulio Barbieri。系列包括耐用、優雅而實用的Shan Awning、手動或電動盒裝款式,能自然結合於建築物中,而Leaf Shading則有效增加和改善戶外空間,包括平台、花園、泳池和陽台。

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