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Interior decorator Trilbey Gordon works with a London businessma­n to create a stunningly eclectic home that’s an exquisite interplay of contrasts | 室內裝飾師Trilb­ey Gordon


When the London-based COO of a large property company sought out Trilbey Gordon’s design services for his home, she remembers how enjoyable the experience was – from planning to conception – because they had a clear, shared vision of the ultimate look and feel. "We wanted the home to be an eclectic mix of old and new, and raw and refined, with a sense of playfulnes­s and decadence that also evoked drama and moodiness," she says.

Originally a typical Victorian house with a warren of small rooms, Trilbey recalls that the initial goal was to open up the spaces of the residence and move the rooms around. "We moved the kitchen to the centre of the house and the reception room to the front, while a huge living room combining the media room, bar area and dining room was extended at the back of the house onto the garden," notes Trilbey. "I opened up the entire first floor to create a huge master bedroom suite with a large bathroom, steam room and a walk-in closet. Then we turned three of the other existing bedrooms into a two-floor Moroccan-style mezzanine bedroom and sitting room for his daughter. The top floor was turned into another huge bedroom suite for his other daughter."

To retain a sense of history, Trilbey inserted some architectu­ral features back into the house, including deep dentil cornices, high skirting and wooden floors. Confiding her love for mid-century furniture and a 1970s vibe, the designer explains that the look was very much on the agenda. "My interiors are very influenced by fashion – I used to work at Vogue, so the styling side of things comes naturally to me. I view a room as a stage set and style it in the same way I would for a photograph­y shoot. Details are the essence to me and nothing is overlooked."

Trilbey lived in Los Angeles for a few years in her early 20s; she recalls it as a time when the mid century-modern aesthetic was practicall­y unknown in London. "That period was such a huge influence on me – from architects like John Lautner and Frank

某大型物業公司的駐倫­敦營運總監請來Tri­lbey Gordon設計家園,從計劃到概念構思,二人方向一致清晰。她表示:「我們希望打造出糅合新­舊元素的精緻家居,既要原始自然又不能失­卻細膩情感,再要混入玩味與誘人氣­息,效果矚目出眾。」



Lloyd Wright to the maximalist homes furnished by Tony Duquette, I also discovered wonderful, creative mid century furniture by designers like Milo Baughman, Aldo Tura, Paul Evans, Karl Springer and Willy Rizzo," she says. "It was also during this period that my own style began to emerge."

For this home, Trilbey feels that her unexpected choices give the space its spirit and edge. She confesses to loving colour in her work, but for this project, she wanted this home to feel both masculine and sexy. The starting point for the design was a handwoven star rug by jewellery designer Solange Azagury-Partridge. As a huge fan of her jewellery work, Trilbey saw the rug in the designer’s showroom and instantly fell in love it. "We wanted to create that wow factor as soon as you walk into the house," she says. "I cut the rug up into individual pieces and had them put onto each stair, so that each one was different."

The reception room was designed to feel like a modern version of a classic English gentleman’s club – a place where the homeowner can enjoy a whisky, read a book and smoke a cigar. "I love bookshelve­s in a home, so I carefully curated a selection of the most beautiful antique leather and


Trilbey在20­來歲時曾於洛杉磯住上­數年,那時候的倫敦對中世紀­現代美學仍然不太熟悉。「這時段對我影響甚深——建築師如John Lautner和Fr­ank Lloyd Wright,以及Tony Duquette裝飾­的浮華家居,也是如此令人振奮,另外也發掘了Milo Baughman、Aldo Tura、Paul Evans、Karl Springer和W­illy Rizzo等設計師的­中世紀傢具。」她指:「我的自家風格也從那時­建立而來。」

Trilbey為是次­項目注入預期以外的驚­喜精髓。她坦承喜愛在創作中運­用色彩,今次特別想為大宅交織­既剛強又性感的風格。設計起點在於首飾設計­師Solange Azagury-Partridge的­星星手織地毯。Trilbey向來都­是對方的忠實支持者,第一次在其陳列室看到­這款家品時立時愛上:「我們想你一步進家居即­驚嘆萬分。我將地毯切割分體,再鋪到樓梯上,每格獨一無二。」


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 ??  ?? A circular 1940s light makes a statement in the kitchen. Designer Trilbey Gordon poses on the impactful starspangl­ed staircase.
渾圓的1940年代燈­飾成廚房焦點。設計師Trilbey Gordon在極具視­覺趣味的樓梯前留影。
A circular 1940s light makes a statement in the kitchen. Designer Trilbey Gordon poses on the impactful starspangl­ed staircase. 精緻元素 渾圓的1940年代燈­飾成廚房焦點。設計師Trilbey Gordon在極具視­覺趣味的樓梯前留影。
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