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Op­ti­mise light: Some city dwellers cover their win­dows with shoe­boxes and cloth­ing racks, but keep­ing the win­dow free from clut­ter and us­ing ma­te­ri­als that help re­flect and bounce that light rather than ab­sorb it will help make a com­pact space seem larger. Com­bine colours: Opt for muted or pas­tel colours as a base and choose a pop of bold colour or print to de­fine a wall sur­face. Usu­ally th­ese colours go to the back of the room, fur­thest from the win­dow, so as to catch the day­light and re­flect it back, al­low­ing the space to ex­tend. Shades of white: I love the colour white. How­ever, it’s im­por­tant to take a few hours with a de­signer to pick the right white as there are many in the cool-to-warm range. Use a few whites to give a room depth, then use a pop of colour to play with this base white. Lightweight look: Look to met­als, like gold, cop­per and brass, and lightweight furniture, such as rat­tan to help fill a space with ob­jects that aren’t too heavy. I find too much up­hol­stery, foam, fab­ric, and even wood, can weigh a space down. Open up: I love con­vert­ing res­i­dences to open kitchens, and mak­ing th­ese kitchens an ex­ten­sion of the din­ing room, liv­ing room, or both. With a small space, what we don’t need are more walls. 善用光線:保持窗旁位置暢通無阻。鞋盒和儲物箱等雜物難免會遮蔽部分空間,清理雜物和採用透光物料有助天然光線進入室內營造廣闊感。顏色組合:選用和諧柔和色調為基調,加添一絲果敢出眾的顏色和圖案裝飾牆壁。這個顏色組合將可房窗外的光線帶到回房間內部,從而使空間得以延伸。純白色調:我喜愛白色,從不同冷暖色調中挑選恰到好處的白色卻並不簡單。深淺不同的白色能為房間增加深度,跳脫顏色結合純白基調令家居變得多姿多彩。輕盈感覺:選用金屬擺設和輕巧家俱為家居打造輕盈氣氛。包括金、銅和黃銅以及藤料等多種室內裝飾、泡沫塑料、布藝和木材都有清新的佈置效果。開揚感觀:以開放式廚房作為飯廳或客廳空間的延伸。在小巧的空間拆卸多餘牆壁是最佳的改裝妙法。

LEAD­ING LIGHT James JJ Acuna en­cour­ages small-home dwellers to open up a space as much as pos­si­ble and keep it light in terms of tones, tex­tures and ma­te­ri­als. 動感設計 James JJ Acu­na認為增加空間感及保持柔和的色調、質感和材質是打造小巧家居的好方法。

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