Cather­ine Bourquin of Ate­lier B in­fuses pat­tern and colour into two whim­si­cal abodes for an ex­tended fam­ily


設計室Ate­lier B的Cather­ine Bourquin為兩個相連住所注入獨特又矚目的圖案和色彩

Pat­terns of­ten in­spire trep­i­da­tion in in­te­rior de­sign pro­fes­sion­als, and with good rea­son: with so much po­ten­tial to go wrong, it’s no won­der that most de­sign­ers of­ten forgo it en­tirely, in­stead opt­ing for the re­as­sur­ing and un­fail­ing sim­plic­ity of min­i­mal­ism. Not for Cather­ine Bourquin.

As one half of the hus­band-and-wife-led Ate­lier B Lim­ited, Cather­ine has al­ways had an eye for pat­terns, of­ten in­cor­po­rat­ing them in earnest via char­ac­ter­ful wall­pa­pers dot­ted through­out pre­vi­ous projects. Yet, it wasn’t un­til her lat­est com­mis­sion to cre­ate an abode for the re­spec­tive fam­i­lies of a brother and sis­ter, as well as their mother, that her tal­ent for mix­ing and match­ing pat­terns came into full bloom.

Lo­cated on Kadoorie Av­enue, this project con­cerned two 1,600sqft ad­join­ing apart­ments – one half for the brother, the brother’s wife and their in­fant; while the other half would be for their mother to live in, and on the rare oc­ca­sion, to ac­com­mo­date the sis­ter’s fam­ily when they re­turn to visit from their home in Lon­don.

很多室內設計專家也抗拒運用圖案,原因顯而易見:出錯的可能性太高了!所以大部分設計師也不會在裝潢設計中加入任何圖案,取之代之的是易於掌握又絕少失敗的簡約主義設計。不過,Cather­ine Bourquin跟他們不一樣。

Cather­ine與丈夫一同創立設計室Ate­lier B Lim­ited,而她一直對圖案的運用獨具慧眼,常在設計中加入充滿個性的牆紙作點綴。哪個工程最能讓她把混搭圖案的才華發揮得淋漓盡致?答案就是她近期為一對兄妹的家庭和其母親所打造的安樂窩。



“I hate the typ­i­cal Hong Kong apart­ment where you come straight into the din­ing area, and there’s nowhere to sit down and take off your shoes,” says Cather­ine, on the first thing she planned to change. “We wanted to evoke a sense of ar­rival by cre­at­ing a foyer. This is a spe­cial lit­tle area com­pris­ing of stor­age, a builtin ban­quette, great wall­pa­per and an amaz­ing wall light which is more like a piece of art.”

As hus­band Frederic got to work on the floor plans, Cather­ine con­cocted dis­tinct colour schemes for each abode. Unit A – hous­ing the brother and his young fam­ily – was given a palette of aqua, yel­low and turquoise to em­pha­sise light­ness and fresh­ness, al­beit tem­pered with sev­eral in­dus­trial-chic in­ter­ven­tions, such as in the slid­ing glass doors of the en­trance. The wall­pa­pers, while in­tri­cate, were kept rel­a­tively muted save for a world map-in­spired print in the baby room. “There’s a bit of French flair, like a con­verted ate­lier space in Paris,” de­scribes Cather­ine.

Mean­while, Unit B was dec­o­rated along more clas­si­cal lines to suit the mother’s taste: cue be­spoke hand-painted Chi­nois­erie silk wall­pa­per by De Gour­nay in the din­ing area, Ver­sailles tim­ber par­quet flooring, and orig­i­nal litho­graphic prints and Art Deco paint­ings that Cather­ine sourced from Paris. As for the colour scheme, she ex­plains: “Ev­ery­thing is in­ter­twined. For ex­am­ple, the blue lac­quer of the Ju­lian Chich­ester Re­gency cabi­net in the en­trance is con­tin­ued in the tim­ber dado rail of the cor­ri­dor, and then picked up in the stripes of the up­per wall­cov­er­ing by Maya Ro­manoff.”


B單位的裝潢則傾向經典風格,以迎合客人母親的喜好:飯廳選用了De Gour­nay的人手製中國風絲質牆紙、凡爾賽木地板、原創的石板印畫,還有數個Cather­ine購自巴黎的裝飾藝術時期畫作。用色方面,Cather­ine說:「這裡運用不同的色彩,但又能恰到好處地融和一起。例如大門口的Ju­lian Chich­ester Re­gen­cy藍色漆面櫃子就像伸延到走廊的護牆木板,再一直延至上方購自Alt­field­的Maya Ro­manof­f牆紙。」



Nat­u­rally, Cather­ine’s favourite room out of the two homes fea­tures the bold­est pat­terns. As the small­est bed­room on the prop­erty, the mother’s en­suite in Unit A – used when the sis­ter’s fam­ily is stay­ing in the ad­join­ing unit – was dressed floor-to-ceiling in Pierre Frey’s La Folie du Jour wall­pa­per. While Cather­ine had no in­ten­tion to refurbish the en­suite bath­room, a wa­ter leakage serendip­i­tously left her no choice. “It was a race to find tiles and sanitary wares stocked in Hong Kong,” she re­calls. “We set­tled on the loveli­est Chi­nois­erie wall tile on sale on Lock­hart Road, and we also de­signed a grey­ish blue van­ity cabi­net. It’s ev­ery­one’s favourite bath­room be­tween the two units!”

Of course, none of this would have been pos­si­ble with­out a fam­ily of very will­ing par­tic­i­pants in the first place, Cather­ine ad­mits. “We had dream clients – they were open to ev­ery­thing and they would get so ex­cited about big and small things. It was a bit like an ad­ven­ture. We were very lucky.” //

居所中最矚目的圖案。家中的小巧睡房就是母親的主人房(妹妹一家回來住在隔壁時才會使用),從天花至地板也用上了Pierre Frey的La Folie du Jour牆紙。本來Cather­ine並不打算裝修主人套房浴室,但碰巧出現漏水問題,促使她為浴室進行翻新工程。「要在香港找尋有存貨的瓷磚和廁所設備必須爭分奪秒。」她回憶說:「最後我們在駱克道購入了一批特價的漂亮中式牆磚,另外亦設計了一個優美的藍灰色浴室櫃。現在這裡更成了兩個單位中最受歡迎的浴室呢!」


ROOM FOR RE­POSE Lifted by pared-back cor­nices and sub­tle gold trim in the wall mould­ings, the liv­ing room is the mother's favourite spot to re­lax. 豪華綻放 低調的壁帶裝飾與牆身的簡約金邊讓客廳成了這位母親最喜愛在家放鬆的空間。

SYL­VAN SCENECus­tom-up­hol­stered ban­quettes from Spring Col­lec­tion com­ple­ment a Ju­lian Chich­ester din­ing ta­ble and Cole & Son wall­pa­per in the liv­ing room.誘人之境來自Spring Col­lec­tion的特製軟墊長座位跟Ju­lian Chich­ester餐桌和客廳的Cole & Son牆紙組成悅目焦點。

WALL TALKCather­ine ad­vises con­tain­ing the im­pact of a busy wall­pa­per by bal­anc­ing with neu­tral colours and lim­it­ing it to even half a fea­ture wall in any room.牆上魔法Cather­ine建議利用中色平衡圖案繽紛的牆紙,又或僅以牆紙充當半堵特色牆。

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