Light­ing de­signer Wil­liam Brand talks to Home Jour­nal about his child­like ap­proach to de­sign and holis­tic method of cre­ation

Light­ing de­signer Wil­liam Brand on his child­like ap­proach to de­sign and ex­tract­ing beauty from en­tropy | 燈飾設計師Wil­liam Brand童心未泯,並從無序性中尋獲打造優美創作的靈感


Wil­liam Brand ex­udes a jovial pres­ence, al­though you wouldn’t know it from look­ing at his de­signs. Un­der his Brand Van Egmond la­bel – avail­able at Zo­diac Light­ing in Hong Kong – the Dutch light­ing de­signer has cre­ated a body of work that is cere­bral and sculp­tural, mir­ror­ing the com­plex forms of na­ture. An ar­chi­tect by train­ing, Wil­liam’s de­sign ap­proach is con­text-de­pen­dent, his prod­ucts form­ing both a nat­u­ral ex­ten­sion of the space as much as they give it new mean­ing. “I de­sign for build­ings, and not for mak­ing an ob­ject. I de­sign for the to­tal,” he ex­plains to

Home Jour­nal. In­deed, while Wil­liam heads an in­ter­na­tion­ally suc­cess­ful light­ing brand, he is still most of­ten found on the stu­dio floor of the Brand Van Egmond head­quar­ters in Naar­den, the Nether­lands – sol­der­ing and shap­ing his next light­ing prod­uct in his own holis­tic method of cre­ation. We sat down with him to dis­cuss talk shows, condi­ments, and the hi­er­ar­chy of de­sign.荷蘭燈飾設計師Wil­liam Brand予人天性純真的印象,但其設計卻從不滲透如此感覺:他於香港歷程照明有售的旗下品牌Brand Van Eg­mond富理性和藝術美,完美重現大自然的複雜性。經專業訓練的建築師Wil­liam以情境為本,打造出自然延伸的設計,為空間賦予全新意義。他向美好家居解說道:「我為建築物創作,而非只製造產品。我的設計以整體為本。」他的燈飾品牌雖已在全球市場穩佔一席,但依然常在Brand Van Eg­mond荷蘭納爾登總部的工作室內依據自己對整體創作的理念籌備下一款作品。Wil­liam跟我們細談關於訪談節目、調味品和設計階級的大小事。

I went to art school not to start a busi­ness, but to fol­low my pas­sion and sim­ply to cre­ate. That’s what I’m still do­ing. I’m like a child, al­ways mak­ing paint­ings, draw­ings and cut­tings. 我到藝術學校上學不是為了營商或為未來規劃什麼,只單純地隨著自己的興趣創作。現在也一樣,我就像孩子般常常繪畫和剪貼。What at­tracts and in­trigues me about na­ture is or­gan­ised chaos. There’s a logic and a cer­tain har­mony that comes over this nat­u­ral thing. I cre­ate chaos that is at­trac­tive to me, and from this chaos, I cre­ate or­der. 大自然最吸引之處就是當中蘊含有規律的混亂,背後也有其邏輯和平衡。我會製造一個自己覺得有趣的混亂,再從中創造規律。There’s hi­er­ar­chy in ar­chi­tec­ture: most im­por­tant is the ar­chi­tec­ture, and then in­te­rior de­sign, then prod­uct de­sign. How­ever, I don’t see them sep­a­rately, but as a to­tal. That’s what I do in my co­op­er­a­tion with ar­chi­tects and in­te­rior de­sign­ers. 建築物有著不同階級:最重要的是建築物本身,然後是室內裝潢,最後是產品設計。但就整體而言,它們絕對息息相關。我跟建築師和設計師的合作也以此理念為基石。I’m more of a lis­tener. I’m a talk show host. You might think they’re unim­por­tant, but they are shap­ing the show. Peo­ple some­times want to force me to­wards their way, but I have to draw a line. They shouldn’t tell me what to make, but I also won’t tell them what to like – in­stead I gen­tly teach them what to do. 我是一位聆聽者,也是訪談節目主持,你或會覺得主持並不重要,但其實他們能塑造節目的方向。人們常從自己角度出發引導我回答問題,我必須劃清界線。他們不應該跟我說要做些什麼,我也不會告訴他們應喜歡什麼;反之,我會婉轉教導對方該怎樣做。I want to be the salt and pep­per in in­te­rior de­sign, the thing that gives iden­tity to a space. I do not make neu­tral things. I give a space its iden­tity. 我想充當室內設計中的調味品,賦予空間獨有個性。我不會製造平淡設計。我為空間賦予獨特個性。//

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