Prin­ci­ples of well-be­ing and sus­tain­abil­ity in­form the form and func­tions of this tech­no­log­i­cally ad­vanced show flat | 養生與可持續發展的原則為這科技設備非凡的單位注入功能與美學


It is easy to as­sume how a home im­bued in well­ness virtues might be void of all 21st-cen­tury ac­cou­trements – the com­forts, con­ve­niences and lux­u­ries made avail­able to us at the tap of a but­ton. Yet the power of tech­nol­ogy can very well be har­nessed to am­plify the good­ness of na­ture. The Eco Well­ness Sig­na­ture Show Flat, a 1,730sqft abode in Mount Pav­ilia res­i­dences in Clear­wa­ter Bay, is a demon­stra­tion of this.

De­signed by eco-con­scious firm Liq­uid In­te­ri­ors, the African sa­van­nah-in­spired home is decked head to toe in some of the most so­phis­ti­cated tech­nol­ogy, al­though this only grad­u­ally re­veals it­self with closer in­spec­tion. Upon en­trance, the city gives way to ar­rest­ing views of sur­round­ing hills and moun­tains through ex­pan­sive open­ings in the liv­ing area. Wood finishes, wo­ven de­tails, and a neu­tral pal­ette cre­ate soft­ness and neu­tral­ity through­out the space, while flora in

談到以身心健康為主的家居,人們很容易就會誤以為當中定必欠缺21世紀的現代配設——簡單一按即可享的舒適、便利與豪華體驗。但你又可曾想到先進的科技其實有助增強大自然的美好?位於清水灣的1,730平方呎傲瀧Eco Well­ness Sig­na­ture示範單位便是最有力證明。

這個由環保設計公司Liq­uid In­te­ri­ors打造的空間從非洲中部的稀樹草原獲取靈感,鋪天蓋地裝備上最精密的科技設計,一切有待你慢慢發掘。甫內進,即可一睹客廳飽覽無遺的壯麗山景。四處可見的木裝飾、織料與天然色彩組合成就柔和窩心的氛圍,大小不同的花瓶亦見多個角落。從注重可持續發展環境的公司物色得來的天然用料與傢具成空間焦點。

Liq­uid In­te­ri­ors首席設計師兼創辦人Rowena Gon­za­les表示,室內設計積極鼓勵平衡的生活方式,並致力交織出注重養生健康的便利享受。她說:「整體美學概念就是透過裝飾、配件和細節跟可持續發展的特別功能無縫配合。」

vary­ing ves­sels dec­o­rate var­i­ous cor­ners and cran­nies. Nat­u­ral ma­te­ri­als and fur­ni­ture sourced from sus­tain­able en­vi­ron­men­tal prac­tices per­me­ate the home.

Ac­cord­ing to Rowena Gon­za­les, prin­ci­pal and founder of Liq­uid In­te­ri­ors, the flat’s in­te­rior de­sign is an­chored in en­cour­ag­ing a bal­anced life­style and mak­ing health and well-be­ing con­ve­nient. “The whole aes­thetic in­tu­itively sup­ports well-be­ing through dé­cor, ac­ces­sories, and small de­tails that work seam­lessly along­side healthy and sus­tain­able fea­tures,” she says.

Briefed by New World Devel­op­ment to de­sign a nest with sus­tain­able and well­ness qual­i­ties, Liq­uid In­te­ri­ors has adapted fea­tures based on in­ter­na­tional green build­ing stan­dards LEED and the WELL Build­ing Stan­dard cre­ated by ar­chi­tects and doc­tors, geared to­ward im­prov­ing health and well-be­ing within build­ings. Paints, finishes, and ad­he­sives with low VOC have been used to re­duce in­door air pol­lu­tion,在新世界發展有限公司的設計綱領下,Liq­uid In­te­ri­ors選用合符建築師和醫生制定的WELL建築標準和LEED綠建築安全認證功能,針對處身大樓內如何改善健康的考慮,從而設計出一個符合可持續發展與顧及養生的溫暖家園。



while pro­fes­sional-grade air pu­rifi­ca­tion sys­tems bring pol­lu­tion- and pollen-free air from out­side and re­duce dust, al­ler­gens, kitchen odours and chem­i­cals in­side. Water pu­rifi­ca­tions sys­tems have also been in­stalled, in­clud­ing a Vi­ta­min C fil­ter that re­duces chlo­rine and its by-prod­ucts, while au­to­mated cir­ca­dian light­ing has been ap­plied in the bed­room.

In the kitchen, an Ur­ban Cul­ti­va­tor in­door gar­den has been fur­nished, com­plete with a food re­cy­cler that turns juic­ing and food scraps into nu­tri­ent-rich dry com­post for the gar­den. “It’s the per­fect ex­am­ple of how de­sign and tech­nol­ogy can pro­vide a real modern-day so­lu­tion to im­prove health and help solve Hong Kong’s food waste prob­lem,” says Rowena. “Grow­ing mi­cro­greens and herbs is a won­der­ful way of bring­ing na­ture, a sus­tain­able food grow­ing sys­tem, and healthy eat­ing into the home.”

An ac­cred­ited pro­fes­sional in LEED and WELL, Rowena makes it a point to trans­late th­ese stan­dards to lo­cal projects, yet the en­deavor to pi­o­neer such fea­tures hasn’t been with­out chal­lenges. While less ex­pen­sive than home au­to­ma­tion sys­tems, ap­ply­ing th­ese new fea­tures have their unique ob­sta­cles and need to be tai­lored to the Hong Kong mar­ket. “Gen­eral con­trac­tors are not fa­mil­iar with our spe­cific pro­cesses, such as ven­ti­la­tion de­sign and the re­stric­tions we place on the ma­te­ri­als we use, so there is an el­e­ment of need­ing to teach them our tech­niques from scratch,” says Rowena.

The firm has also gone fur­ther to ad­dress the neg­a­tive ef­fects of tech­nol­ogy, such as con­tin­u­ous ex­po­sure to EMF, with the in­stal­la­tion of WiFi timers that switch off con­nec­tion through restorative pe­ri­ods through the night.

Nev­er­the­less, Liq­uid In­te­ri­ors is in­tent on har­ness­ing the lat­est tech­nol­ogy in de­vel­op­ing smart homes for a health­ier and more sus­tain­able life­style. “So many things can now hap­pen in our homes with­out hav­ing to look at a screen. Re­duc­ing screen time and all its neg­a­tive ef­fects, in­clud­ing ex­po­sure to ar­ti­fi­cial light, brings you closer to na­ture and makes you feel more re­laxed, im­prov­ing over­all well-be­ing,” she says.

“I think it comes through when you en­ter the flat that we have cre­ated a true home that cen­tres on the health and well-be­ing of the fam­ily liv­ing there. In ev­ery de­sign de­ci­sion, we have fo­cused on a home that is a sanc­tu­ary and an escape from busy ev­ery­day life.”

廚房的Ur­ban Cul­ti­va­tor室內花園配置食物回收器,能把廚餘轉化成花園的有用肥料。Rowe­na說:「這就是設計與科技結合為一的完美例證,打造改善健康和解決香港廚餘問題的現代方案。種植食用蔬菜苗和香料是把大自然、可持續食物生長系統和健康飲食帶回家的有效方法。」



Liq­uid In­te­ri­ors擅於透過最新科技發展智能家居,打造健康兼符合可持續原則的美好生活。她續說:「不用再看著螢光幕,我們的家已能出現千百樣事。減少面對螢光幕的時間和附帶的負面影響,如長期曝露人造光源下,把你帶回大自然之中,更感舒適放鬆,從而改善整體健康。」

「我深信,你來到單位的第一刻已能夠深深感受到我們如何致力打造一個以養生為核心的家庭生活,當中每個設計決定也是特別為了逃離繁忙日常生活而設,讓你在專屬個人的聖所中休養生息。」 //

NAT­U­RAL CON­CERN In sup­port of so­cial en­ter­prises, the de­signer se­lected prod­ucts crafted with re­new­able ma­te­ri­als or through tra­di­tional weav­ing tech­niques, such as pendant lights from the Philip­pines’ Ha­cienda Crafts. 崇尚天然在社企的支持下,設計師得以精選了利用再生物料或以傳統織造技術精製的產品裝飾,如來自菲律賓的Ha­cienda Craft­s吊燈。

RISE AND SHINE Among the well­ness fea­tures is cir­ca­dian light­ing that mim­ics the colour of the sun. ”As the res­i­dent wakes up, dawn sim­u­la­tion gen­tly in­creases the amount of light in the room as black­out blinds slowly re­tract,” ex­plains the de­signer. 完美風光其中一個重點養生功能就是模仿日光顏色的晝夜照明系統。設計師解釋:「戶主醒來,光線就會慢慢增強,遮光簾亦會緩緩開啟。」

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