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A roundup of play­ful light­ing so­lu­tions that com­bine form and func­tion


The mu­seum’s col­lec­tion is mostly fo­cused on con­tem­po­rary artists of the 20th and 21s cen­turies. Guggen­heim Bil­bao fea­tures a large num­ber of paint­ings and sculp­tures it has ac­quired or com­mis­sioned site-spe­cific pieces, in­clud­ing works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Anselm Kiefer, Willem de Koon­ing, Robert Mother­well, Sig­mar Polke, Ger­hard Richter, Clyf­ford Still, Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol, Joseph Beuys, Mark and Robert Rauschen­berg and Mark Rothko. The 130-strong col­lec­tion of post-war and con­tem­po­rary art, ac­quired over the years for €110m, was val­ued at €729m by Christie’s in 2015.

At the river façade of the GMB, a gi­gan­tic spi­der stand­ing 30 ft high and over 33 wide, is the work “Ma­man” by renowned English artist Louise Bour­geois.

“The Spi­der is an ode to my mother. She was my best friend. Like a spi­der, my mother was a weaver. My fam­ily was in the busi­ness of tapestry restora­tion, and my mother was in charge of the work­shop. Like spi­ders, my mother was very clever. Spi­ders are friendly pres­ences that eat mos­qui­toes. We know that mos­qui­toes spread dis­eases and are there­fore un­wanted. So, spi­ders are help­ful and pro­tec­tive, just like my mother.”— Louise Bour­geois

The mu­seum’s col­lec­tion also pays spe­cial at­ten­tion to mod­ern and con­tem­po­rary Basque and Span­ish artists, in­clud­ing Ed­uardo Chill­ida, Juan Muñoz, Jorge Oteiza, An­to­nio Saura, and An­toni Tàpies.

Bil­bao Ef­fect or Guggen­heim ef­fect is a term of­ten used to ex­press the cause and ef­fect re­la­tion­ship that oc­curred when a sin­gle world-class project be­came the cat­a­lyst for re­viv­ing the once eco­nom­i­cally dis­tressed, post-in­dus­trial city. GBM has been im­pact­ful to the trans­for­ma­tion and has played a ma­jor role in the ac­ti­va­tion of the lo­cal travel in­dus­try, at­tract­ing tourists and busi­ness trav­ellers. There are also other fac­tors con­tribut­ing to the suc­cess of the tourism. Avant-Garde ar­chi­tec­tures in Bi­blao and Culi­nary at­trac­tions such as din­ing at Bi­blao or San Se­bas­tian are also fac­tors at­tract­ing tourists. Cur­rently the mu­seum is ex­hibit­ing Wass­ily Kandin­sky un­til May 23, 2021. The won­der­ful art ex­hibits along with the gas­tro­nomic de­lights are truly mes­moriz­ing that we long to visit again. //

美術館的藏品主要是2­0 21世紀的當代創作的­畫作和雕塑品,包括來自Jean-Michel Basquiat、Anselm Kiefer、Willem de Koon­ing、Robert Mother­well、Sig­mar Polke、Ger­hard Richter、Clyf­ford Still、Cy Twombly、Andy Warhol、Joseph Beuys、Robert Rauschen­berg和Mark Rothko的傑作。美術館多年來共耗資1.1億歐元購入130件­戰後及當代藝術品,佳士得於2015年估­算其藏品總值約7.29億歐元。

美術館面向河道的立面­放有一隻高30呎、寬33呎的巨型蜘蛛,是英國著名藝術家Lo­uise Bour­geois的作品《Ma­man》。

Louise Bour­geois。藝術家,包括E­d­uardo Chill­ida、Juan Muñoz、Jorge Oteiza、An­to­nio Sau­ra和An­toni Tàpies。

往的因素。美術館現正舉行Was­s­ily Kandin­sky的作品展至20­21年5月23日。非凡的藝術展品和令人­垂涎的美食,真

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