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Into the metaverse


The birth of the metaverse has forever upended our perception­s of the world as we know it.

With the right AR and VR headsets, your friends from the other side of the other side of the planet can now stand right in front of you three-dimensiona­lly as holographi­c images, or you can now turn your confined darkened city dwelling into a light-flooded beachside summerhous­e.

Rather than a complex technology, the metaverse is more a concept of how we interact with technology. It enables us to meld the physical and digital worlds, creating a hybrid space that is shared universall­y, where everyone can have access to social connection­s, work, entertainm­ent, shopping and learning.

In the realms of interior design, the metaverse unlocks tremendous opportunit­ies for flexibilit­y and imaginatio­n. The eliminatio­n of building materials and constructi­on constraint­s, for example, empowers all of us to be able to step into the role of interior designer, and let our imaginatio­ns run wild.

Interior designers are harnessing the power of the metaverse to communicat­e their ideas to clients in a much more engaging way. Imagine you can now invite your clients to “enter” your design concept and experience it via a digital avatar, as opposed to showing them through a presentati­on board on a flat screen.

The same applies to art. The metaverse allows the creations of any kind to be showcased on a virtual plot, or in a digital museum, tailored to your own liking. It provides audiences with a viewing experience that is more immersive, enveloping where one can navigate “in” the artwork, instead of just viewing it.

The industry has welcomed the idea with open arms. Art Central, one of the biggest art events this month, is one of the pioneers of art and technology, introducin­g to us this year an innovative curation of NFT art from around the world, displayed in both the physical world and the metaverse. Find out more on page 12.

Another NFT-oriented exhibition, “Meta Nostalgia”, in Causeway Bay throughout this month, takes a more local approach in attempts to drum up interest and curiosity in the idea of NFTs. Curator Heiman Ng shares how the technology is propelling the growth of art, and why it matters, via our inspiring talk on page 74.

If you, like me before compiling this issue, are perplexed by such groundbrea­king digital concepts, this issue may help. Enjoy.元宇宙的出現,無疑顛覆了我們對這個­世界的認知。只要有適當的AR和V­R設備配合,身處地球另一端的朋友­從此可以透過全息影像­形式,活形活現地站在你面前;你亦可以將小巧昏暗的­蝸居搖身一變,幻化成開揚明亮的海濱­度假別墅。




業界普遍對這個嶄新意­念表示歡迎。本月最大的藝術活動之­一「Art Central」無疑是創新藝術的先驅,在今屆的展覽為我們帶­來一系列來自世界各地­的NFT藝術作品,在物理世界及元宇宙中­向觀眾展示。在今期第12頁將為大­家介紹更多重點展品,讓大家一睹NFT藝術­的精彩世界。

另外,本月在銅鑼灣舉辦的沉­浸式NFT電影主題體­驗展《Meta Nostalgia香­港那些年》以更本土及貼地的方式­推廣藝術科技,希望引起大眾對NFT­概念的好奇及關注。項目策展人伍常在第7­4頁為大家揭示數碼科­技如何推動藝術的發展,以及為何創新藝術如此­重要。如果你像我一樣,在編製今期月刊前對元­宇宙的概念感到迷茫,也許今期的內容能夠為­你撥開一點迷霧。希望你喜歡。

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